Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Blood picks up the pace but Jessica got no game by Alex Cranz Fempop.com

The lovely Alex will be joining us again this week on Talk Blood radio !

This is the True Blood I used to love to watch. Big and crazy things happen in every scene and things almost never get tired and slow (more on this shortly) and everyone’s life seems to intertwine. It’s when True Blood is going a mile a minute that it works best. Like Vampire Diaries only rated R and less vanilla in the skin tone department.

The show is running what feels like a hundred story lines concurrently and somehow, in last night’s episode, they managed to all move forward. No one was treading water, no one was swimming backwards, and by the end of the episode it felt like they all had hopped onto a motorboat and were heading downstream and…this metaphor has gone on for far too long.
No F that. I love that metaphor. I will cling to it with my dying breath, but mainly because I want to say that Jessica was totally the captain of that motorboat down Plot River. Last week she was a little concerned about her relationship with Hoyt and this week she was doing this

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