Saturday, August 13, 2011

True Blood Music Episode Episode 4.07 - Cold Grey Light of Dawn

“Where You Are” by Steven Casper and Cowboy Angst (Pam attacks Tara outside Merlotte’s)

“Yellow Elevator #2″ by The Black Angels (Debbie and Alcide walking in the woods)

“Town Called Heartbreak” by Patti Scialfa (Tara urges Naomi to leave Bon Temps)

“Always a Friend” by Alejandro Escovedo (feat. Bruce Springsteen) (Jason fantasizes about Jessica, then Hoyt comes over to hang out)

“Come See Me” by Steve McComb (Sam goes to see Luna at school & realizes what Tommy has done)

“Dyin’ Ain’t the End of the World” by The Shake (Sam and Luna talk at Merlotte’s)

“Send Mary a Letter” by Scott Hall (Alcide and Debbie in bed together)

“Cold, Grey Light of Dawn” by Nick Lowe (closing credits)