Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why aren't these actors famous? Chris " Andy Bellefleur " Bauer

Of course,  #1 on the list was Chris " Andy " Bauer

Slide show: These 10 underrated film and TV stars deserve to be household names Chris Bauer"True Blood," "The Wire"

Watch Chris Bauer on HBO's "True Blood," and you'd assume he was born to play Deputy Andy Bellefleur, the gruff, depressive, alcoholic detective investigating the show's supernatural mayhem. But then you'd think the same thing if you watched him as Frank Sobotka, the doomed union boss in Season 2 of "The Wire" -- a sort of burly, 21st century Willy Loman of organized labor. Bauer played New York Yankees manager Bob Cerv in the HBO film "61"; Fred Yokas, husband of Officer Faith Yokas, on NBC's "Third Watch"; Huey Farrell on "The Black Donnellys"; and fetish photographer Irwin Klaw in "The Notorious Bettie Page." You've also probably seen Bauer play a lot of cops, inmates and military guys. He has that look about him: broad-shouldered, bullet-headed, no-nonsense. If "The Incredibles" were a live-action series, he could play the dad.
The Los Angeles native's secret weapons are his complete emotional transparency and his volcanic core of feeling; he can seem like the sweetest, tenderest man you've ever seen or the most terrifying. I've been impressed by Bauer ever since I saw him on "The Wire," but I don't think I realized what a great actor he was until I saw him in a tiny part in the Showtime movie "Our Fathers," about the investigation into pedophilia allegations in the Boston archdiocese. Bauer played an adult survivor of abuse who was determined to make the archbishop accept some responsibility for what happened to him as a child. Bauer's scenes were so unfussy, direct and powerful that they seemed to transcend movie acting. For a few minutes, I felt as though I was hearing a real person speak directly to me, and he was breaking my heart.

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