Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Alan Ball says TV more grown up than film

True Blood creator Alan Ball is a big fan of the Australian television series Rake, which he says is another great example of how television is able to be a lot more grown up and complicated than film.
Ball, who also created Six Feet Under and wrote the film American Beauty, is in Australia for two on-stage conversations in Sydney and Melbourne.
While he has worked in both television and film, Ball says the small screen is able to tackle more sophisticated storylines.
"Partially it's because the economic models are different and partially it's because you have hours and hours to tell a story where as in a movie you just have two hours and you have to simplify everything down to its pure essentials.
"I also feel that in America, at least, movies are all targeted at 15-year-olds and there's nothing wrong with that, they're the ones that are buying tickets, but as an adult I feel that TV is a much more welcoming place for complicated, adult writing."

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