Wednesday, September 7, 2011

True Blood Season finale spolier : loose one season regular ??

who ??? Lafayette ?? Terry ???

Question: Any True Blood scoop ahead of Sunday’s finale? —Scott
Ausiello: By the end of the hour, the show will be down at least one series regular.


The Mad Giggler said...

As much as it pains me to say, I do believe that Jesus will die saving Lala. I also think Nan and Debbie will die...even though I dislike Debbie it has been entertaining to watch her. I guess if I had a super hot man like Alcide I'd be paranoid too.

Also from the preview it looks like Lafayette channels some brujo magic of his own and that Antonia is back too.

Beth said...

I think it will be Jesus for sure. Debbie is likely next, although they could hold off on that until next season, I suppose.

SariLizard said...

I agree 100% with The Mad Giggler. I think there will be more than one "regular" who dies, but I don't see any of member of the main cast from Season One being offed. So I think that means Jesus, Debbie, and Nan for sure.