Monday, June 21, 2010

Theo "Talbot"Alexander: I don't like the word 'villain'

Last night "True Blood" finally answered last year's big cliffhanger -- who abducted Bill Compton? Turns out that Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi was behind his post-proposal vanishing act. And upon arriving at Russell's stately fang manor, Bill -- and fans -- met Russell's partner of 700 years, Talbot.
And after a series of Brenda Dickson-esque scenes, it became clear that the happy homemaker shares more than just immortality with Martha Stewart. He's also a whizz in the kitchen (blood sorbet, anyone?), has a flair for decor and, according to actor Theo Alexander, is dynamite in the sack.
But Martha isn't the only famous face Talbot shares some DNA with according to Theo. I got the answer to that bold faced conundrum in addition to learning how he snagged the role and approached a (possible) sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard.
PopWrap: How did you get hired to play Talbot?
Theo Alexander: This part was out for a British actor, but my agent thought I would do a great job with it. He was a very Dionysian, very sexual, very Greek! It couldn’t be anything but Greek in my eyes. So my agent called the casting director and they really wanted a British actor, but they said, "please, just see him – he’s perfect." So I went to the audition dressed in my kimono, in character and walk in on a room of 16 people – including Alan Ball, so I’m shaking. The casting director says, this is Theo, he’s Italian. So I turn to her as Talbot, and say, “excuse me, I’m Greek!” and that propelled me into the character. Talbot would have said that, he likes to speak his mind.

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