Friday, July 30, 2010

E-books are great -consider a Kindle at this price!

Of course, Dallas LOVES her iPad ( I really don't go anywhere without it) but if you don't have a e-book reader yet-this is a really good deal ! I had the pleasure of sititng next to Charlaine Harris at dinner recently and showed her the ipad and her web page and a sookie books on the iPad.

If you buy lots of books you will quickly save the cost of the kindle ( e-books are max $9.99) and you can download them instantaneously and carry hundreds around with you!


staysea said...

I love the smell of old books. I love browsing the book store looking for a treasured book I didn't know was there. I got a Kindle for my Birthday, and I have been converted. GET A KINDLE. It is worth it. Most of the new books I have wanted are pricy for new releases....but $9 is the most I have paid....Awesome...I still will browse the book store...But I have 25 books on my Kindle now most were free much easier to carry around.