Friday, July 30, 2010

'True Blood' star loves being 'Magister'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - The excellent and omnipresent actor Zeljko Ivanek certainly inspires fear as “the magister” on the vampire series True Blood.
“It’s fun to play power,” Ivanek said at the Television Critics Association tour.
“It’s just fun to walk into a situation where everyone has to kind of turn to you. And how that plays out in the end, it’s actually really cool.”
So when are fans of True Blood going to find out how the magister’s current story-line is going to “play out in the end”, as Ivanek put it?
“I think you’ll find out very, very soon, is all I can say about that,” Ivanek said. “I think (in the episodes that air) this week or next week, all that will be clarified.”
True Blood airs Sundays on HBO Canada.
Ivanek also will be starring the fall in the new series The Event on NBC and Citytv.