Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Werewolves, Dog Fighting, and Lady GagaTaking stock of True Blood at the midseason mark.

Could Sookie Stackhouse be an alien? Is Jesus Satan? Is it proper etiquette for football players to pat each other on the rear end even when one is humping a girl in the back seat of a car? Some questions about True Blood do not have simple answers. But since it's the midway point of Season 3, it's a good time to take stock and see what we do know.

Will werewolves finally get more respect?
No way. So far, they appear to be, for the most part, easily manipulated, flannel-loving thugs. Vampires quote Dorothy Parker ("And I am Marie of Romania") and listen to Billie Holliday, while werewolves look like the kind of rabid mob you might find at a Soundgarden concert. The mountainous Alcide has the most potential as a character, but considering how little the forever shirtless Joe Manganiello has been allowed to do this season, the actor might as well have studied acting at Gold's Gym. It's not just that the werewolves lack charisma. On a show where every vampire brings weighty metaphorical baggage, the lycanthropes still seem thin on allegory. Recalling the ideas of that "preening fool Adolf," Russell suggests that vampires are the real master race, but what does that make the werewolves? They don't look like Jews to me.

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Sharon said...

This is pretty good and the comments are even better. Be sure to read to near the bottom where someone has written a pretend conversation between Alcide and Jacob. It's hysterical!