Friday, July 30, 2010

True Blood: Here come the witches!

If you have not read Sookie book 4 ( Dead to the World) or haven't read it in a while you NEED to read ahead now ! You know how Ball began bringing in book 3 during True Blood Season 2 you can just expect he will do it again now!

I think we need to concentrate on Hallow and how she might be connected to Yvetta  ! 
WHAT ???!!!!

Hallow, and her brother threatened Eric that they would curse him by turning Fangtasia's alcoholic drinks bad, and cause patrons to trip over the dance floor and sue them, which would badly affect Fangtasia’s revenues. Pam tells Sookie that a witch had come with a message from Hallow saying that Hallow lusted for Eric and asked him if he would entertain her for seven nights, she would only demand a fifth of his business, rather than half. Eric had refused and suddenly vanished from the office where they were discussing this offer. Eric says he does not remember anything and that he was born the moment he was running down the road. Pam and Chow asked Sookie to keep Eric safe while they solve the problem with the witches.
Later Sookie learns through Holly Clearly (another waitress at Merlotte's) that this coven of witches have a lot of power that they are willing to use for evil, that they drink vampire blood and that they are werewolves as well. Holly also tells Sookie that this new coven has called all local witches and Wiccans to join them. Furthermore, Sookie learns that her brother, Jason, is missing and starts looking for him. Sookie informs Alcide Herveaux of the existence of this werewolves-witch coven in Shreveport and heads to Hotshot to speak to Crystal Norris (a were-panther) as she was the last person Jason was seen with.

The #1 reason to look forward to Book 4 Dead to the World  / Season 4 True Blood:
The Eric & Sookie shower scene


Sharon said...

I love this scene. I've listened to it many times. I also like how the narrator gives Eric a very slight accent. To me, it fits him.

I think this posting should be heavily marked with "SPOILERS", however. Some folks don't want to know what happens in the books and some just don't want to know ahead of time.

" Dallas " said...

Thanks Sharon !
I DO NOT believe in spoilers -since I consider this mainly a Sookie bookie blog ( Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries series ) I assume here that everyone has read all or most of the books !

And if they haven't they should !
I will say that I was proved correct after the first season of True Blood in that there is LOTS going on in True Blood that you just don't get with out having read Charlaine's books.

We sometimes say Ball is throwing a bone to bookies but its LOTS more than that.

At Comic con Ball said " someone will loose their mind next season" and book readers know what I'm talking about -it's now more than Ball throwing a bone or giving book fans a nod, he incorporates the books fans completely into the series.

My person opinion is because of his respect for Charlaine and her creation . Yes' there are changes and swirls but there is an inherent respect for the subject material and for her fans .

He's maintained that - quite remarkably for Hollywood - I would think!

" Dallas " said...

Let me make a correction AB said

5:55 -- "There's a character who doesn't know who he or she is," Alan actually teases of season 4, "and maybe someone who has hated this person doesn't hate them so much anymore." CRYPTIC!

Joe said "next season someone looses their mind"

AB has numerously mentioned Hallow

Rita said...

By now every one should know the books,
you can't go any where with out some one talking about the books or the show so
there should not be any spoilers to worry
about and book #4 i believe that book is
probley read more than any other i can't

Louisianagirl29 said...

I wrote on a comment when Yvette was cast that I think she will be Hallow. Can't wait to see if my prediction is right!

Gina Marie said...

In discussing with my hubby, I came up with a good speculation on the witches - if Jesus is involved with magic in some way, maybe he is casting a spell on Eric to get Lafayette out of the drug dealing/v-dealing business. And it backfires, causing the amnesia.