Friday, August 6, 2010

Blood on the Tracks

How do you incinerate a vampire at sunrise, and twist a head 180 degrees? These and more otherworldly challenges are met head on by directors on the gothic TV series True Blood.
By Steve Pond
On a movie lot tucked away in a nondescript area of West Hollywood, the director of True Blood huddles with actor Alexander Skarsgård on the soundstage where a vampire bar called Fangtasia sits. At the same time, on an adjoining stage, the director of True Blood walks through a basement set with his production designer and AD, trying to decide if a set of shackles should hang from an overhead pipe or be secured to pillars. No, True Blood hasn’t found the secret to putting a director in two places at once. Instead, this is simply business as usual on the lot that’s home to the HBO series about vampires, shape-shifters and other assorted denizens of the night who make their homes in a fictional little Louisiana town called Bon Temps.

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Rita said...

I love to read all the things that have to be done on the set before we the fans
ever get to see one episode,not a lot of
people understand how work goes into just