Sunday, September 12, 2010

'Blood' finale caps clotted season

Even before the finale critiques are rolling in and most of them are very constructive and most I find some agreement with ...

What is you constructive criticism of Season 3 ?

Impurities have been detected in True Blood.
The show still runs in our veins, admittedly. We remain emotionally invested.
But the third season -- which ends tonight on HBO Canada -- has been clotted.
A summary of our frustrations:
- Too many characters. Specifically, too many pointless characters.
- Too many dream sequences.

- Too much gratuitous gore.
And because of all that, not enough time has been spent on the story lines we actually care about.
The first point on our list probably is the biggest complaint, with new vampires and werewolves and shape-shifters showing up virtually every week, at least though the first two-thirds of the season.

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Rita said...

Well i don't see any impurities in True
Blood and i don't see it being clotted
either,it flows just fine.All those silly
werewolves and shape shifters were in the books and just like that they were gone.Calvin and Hotshot was not weiredo
family hillbillies ,but you would not know
that since you didn't read the books,the
writers write their episodes you might not
understand but in the end can get the same ending.Of course Alan puts stuff in that are not in the books and sometimes he takes out things to.If you
read the books you can understand the
show a lot better.So read the books please!