Sunday, September 12, 2010

'True Blood' weekends: 'In stock and overpriced at your neighborhood health food store'

So, "True Blood" fans. Did you enjoy your long weekend without the show? Were you able to take in a Labor Day parade or have one last, lazy day of summer ... or did you wake up Monday morning twitching from withdrawal? I get why HBO takes this holiday weekend off every year, but it increasingly seems silly, what with DVRs and midweek repeats and such. It breaks the season up just when it needs momentum the most, and it leaves everyone hanging so long that it's easy to forget just why everything was so compelling in the first place. Hey, AMC aired both of its shows last Sunday, and it didn't seem to suffer too much ratings-wise. Maybe HBO should think about doing the same next year.
But now we're right up against the big season finale, and there's plenty of discussion out there about whether or not the show has been successful in its third season. I gave my take right after the episode aired -- the short of it is that I've liked the main plots quite a bit, but I've found all of the supporting plots pretty tough to sit through -- but you guys were pretty well split over whether the season has worked. Some agreed with me, but some thought that the sheer number of story lines fed into one another so well that they kept driving the momentum into crazier and crazier places. I can see that point of view, I suppose, but I still think way too much of what happened this season was, frankly, boring.

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