Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vampire Knits

Ha -Love this

From the Carpathian Mountains to the Louisiana Bayous, mortals adore fearing the mysterious vampire. Modern vampires are sexy, and sometimes, mortals just can’t, or don’t want to, help themselves. Surrender to the magnetism of immortal knitting; take a look at the book by Genevieve Miller, Vampire Knits: Projects to Knit from Twilight to Dawn.

The Book: Vampire Knits

Miller introduces readers to the dark arts…and crafts…through her book and its many vampire / werewolf themed projects. There are 5 chapters to the book; each chapter is organized by “purpose.” The book contains a total of 27 patterns.

Read more at Suite101: Vampire Knits: Projects to Knit From Twilight to Dawn


CAT said...

Hey Dallas! I'm so impressed that you came across this! The knitters on Revelry in the True Blood group haven't even discovered this yet

" Dallas " said...

Dallas bows deeply to the great knitters!