Sunday, September 12, 2010

True Blood needs more bite

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TV dramas, even Emmy winners, morph, shape-shift and change with the tides, and not always for the best.
As True Blood calls it a day Sunday on its third, perhaps least satisfying, season, now is as good a time as any to stand back and reflect on how much it's changed in just one year.
Last season's two-pronged plot revolved around a Christian evangelical church's campaign to expose vampires for what they are, while back in Bon Temps, a malevolent, shape-shifting succubus — Michelle Forbes, in a terrific guest performance — sought to steal the townsfolk's hearts and souls. It was that season that earned True Blood a best drama Emmy nomination in a tough, competitive year.
Don't look for a repeat nomination next year.
This season, sadly, has been more of a bloody mishmash of otherworldly critters in human form, from werewolves and dog boys to panthers and faeries. As convoluted and hard to follow the carnival of animals has been, it did prompt one of the funnier lines of any TV series this season, when Sookie (Anna Paquin) learned she was a fairy and cried, "How (expletive) lame is that?!"

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Rita said...

Well i have enjoyed this season and you have to have some of the dumb with the crazy and while i didn't like the way
Calvin and the way Hotshot was written
and the Mickens we get back ground on Sam,
Tommy has so many problems,i don't know if
his character will be right,and got to see Hoyt and Jessica get back on track
hopefully poor Arlene and Tara will get things worked out some how.Now we have
Sookie, Bill,and Eric,Pam,Russell the
faries,oh and Jason and Crystal,poor
Andy what will happen to him i have no
idea but i will go where it goes and i
don't see it as a mesmash but a very
intertaining show thank you very mush.