Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alexander Skarsgård could floss his teeth with Robert Pattinson!

True Blood fanatics insist that Alexander Skarsgård could floss his teeth with Robert Pattinson. As Eric Northman on HBO’s hit series, the actor spends most of his screen time brooding, biting and just barely concealing his dreamily undead bod. He’s come a long way since his small part in the 2001 flick Zoolander (“orange mocha Frappuccinos!”): He carried HBO’s critically acclaimed miniseries Generation Kill, scored a part in theforthcoming Lars von Trier film Melancholia and is set to tantalize True Blood fanatics everywhere when the show’s third season premieres on Sunday 13. We sat down with the smokin’ Swede to talk vampire fetishes and fraternal mix-ups.

Let’s start with a confession: Certain TONY staffers—and we’ll avoid using names here—are total fang bangers.
What’s that?

Oh, you know, people who want to make vampire babies.
That’s always good to know when you’re doing an interview.

Sadly, we haven’t happened across many fangs to bang.
You haven’t run into any vampires lately?

Do you think being a fang banger is edgier than being a Twihard?
What’s that?

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Sharon said...

It always amazes me how short these interviews are, but AS says the cutest things!

Rita said...

Love the interviews and yes they are to
short and will take any thing he says
just love him.