Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Little Vampire" book and movie

Maybe something to plunk the kids(grands) in front of while you watch and re watch True Blood episodes this summer !

The Little Vampire is an adorable film. It might be for kids, but I’m an adult an I still love this movie. It’s brilliant, and it’s one of the few kid-friendly vampires. It even has vampire cows! Some of the movie is a little ridiculous, like the explanation of how the vampires can magically become human again. Most of it is pretty spectacular, albeit a little fantastical. But hey, we’re talking about mythical creatures here.
I didn’t know this when I first watched the movie, but it is based on a book called Der kleine Vampir. It was written by  German author Angela Sommer-Bodenburg in 1979. There’s a whole children’s series of The Little Vampire and his adventures.

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