Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ask True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse Anything NY Magazine

True Blood returns on Sunday (hooray!), and we're speaking to Ryan Kwanten — the hunky Australian actor who plays the lovable yet dense Jason Stackhouse — tomorrow at 1 p.m. Curious about the new season? Dying to know more about Kwanten's glorious abs? Leave your questions for him in the comments. The interview will go up Friday morning.



ChristeneBfromLa said...

Hi Ryan!

I'm vacationing in Oregon right now at Mt.Hood/Portland. Heard you bought a house in Happy Valley. Just wondering why you chose Oregon for your place of residence instead of living close to L.A. or other places where celebs live? It is beautiful here. :)

Gombessa said...

Ryan! :)
It amazes me how you have perfected a Southern accent, considering you are Australian! How did you prepare? Was it difficult to achieve? Any words or phrases you struggled mastering under a Southern Accent? (BTW, you are absolutely gorgeous)