Thursday, June 10, 2010

Novel blog interviews Charlaine Harris

Just in time for Sunday's Trueblood Season Premiere!

Charlaine Harris our June Featured Artist!

What do you think about the changes Alan Ball has made to the TV version of your Sookie Stackhouse series (HBO’s “True Blood,”) especially expansion of characters like Tara and Jason, who have relatively smaller roles that don’t impact the story quite so much in the books?

*I think it’s great. He has to fill the screen, and it can’t always be with Anna. I tell my stories from the first person point of view, which doesn’t allow for the same latitude.

How did you develop your vampire mythology? So many vampire stories differ in their mythologies – how vampires are sired, the hierarchy in their culture, who originated their “race,” etc. What lead you to the mythology you created?

*I used what seemed logical to me in the context of the story I wanted to tell.

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Rita said...

I like her interviews and while she is the writer of the books,she also understands,and i don't think that a lot
of people understands that AB has to build stories for the other characters,
wouldn't be much of a show if he didn't
and i can't wait for the next book to come
outas i love them so,so we know there will be 13 books,who knows what we will
find out and who Sookie will end up with
in the end.Never had books do me this way
just can't put them down.