Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ausiello scoops a little more on True Blood S3

I thought they said Nelsan was under the weather and that's why he wasn't at the Q&A now Ausiello says he was shooting a scene ? I right is that what they said ?

Question: I am desperate for some True Blood! Can you help a girl out? —Kelley
While on the set last week for the Ultimate Fan Experience, I spied a very creepy scene being shot between Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and his new beau, Jesus (played by Kevin Alejandro) that sheds new light on something Ellis told my colleague Tim Stack in this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story. “There is absolutely more to him than meets the eye,” he teased. “There is something supernatural about Jesus, and how dark it is has yet to be seen.”
Question: Any chance True Blood will bring Maryann back from the dead? —Will
No chance. But exec producer Alan Ball hints that, “We will be seeing some people that we thought were gone this year.” He also reveals that this season’s Big Bad will prove far more difficult to get rid of than Michele Forbes’ bat-s— crazy maenad. “We’ve had two seasons where the arch villain sort of met his or her demise,” he says. “I’m looking at a different way to dispatch our arch villain this year so that he might be able to come back in the future.” I can’t be sure but I think he’s talking about this guy.