Monday, August 22, 2011

Actor Ryan Kwanten on ‘Griff the Invisible’ Versus ‘True Blood’

How important to you is it to balance your work on “True Blood” with projects like “Griff the Invisible,” that are created in or that shoot in your native Australia?
I’ve been very fortunate in the last couple of years, where two of the better scripts that I’ve read happened to be Australian scripts by Australian writers and directors. And that is now very much sort of an important part of my hiatus period – in the five months I get off, I’ll at least do one film that’s based in Australia now. Because there really are some great filmmakers down there, and some really good stories to tell.
Does working on a show like “True Blood” which has fewer episodes maybe than a network show give you more time to pursue these film projects?
The short answer is yes. I feel very fortunate to have landed the role, and to be on that network, because they do phenomenal stuff. They refuse to rest on their laurels, I feel, in terms of each season there’s a progression and it’s getting stronger and stronger, and outside of that it’s really changed my life. It’s taken my career to a whole other level.
Because “True Blood” is so consistently unpredictable, does it continue to surprise or challenge you, or have you sort of adjusted to its twists and turns and they’ve become a natural or comfortable progression?
No. Alan Ball does a very TV-savvy version of the books, so even if you are phenomenally well-researched in knowing what happens in the books, that doesn’t necessarily parlay into knowing what’s going to happen in our series. There’s been more than a fair share of things that have been different. This season is no different; my character is supposed to turn into a were-panther this season, but we’ll see what happens with that. He might be lucky to survive the season, so we’ll see.

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