Monday, August 22, 2011

Q&A: Jim Parrack of 'True Blood'

Most of the actors on HBO's True Blood are having a bloody good time portraying vampires, werewolves and a variety of other supernatural beasties. But Jim Parrack, a.k.a. Hoyt Fortenberry, who seems to be one of the few humans residing in Bon Temps, isn't the least bit jealous of his costars. "I know they're having fun with all the supernatural stuff," the North Texas native says. "But I'm barely getting to the point in life where I understand what it is to be human, so there's plenty that's exciting for me to express about that." Indeed, this season's ill-fated romance between Hoyt and vampire Jessica (played by Debra Ann Woll) is one that just about any viewer can relate to. What could be more uniquely human than a story of love on the rocks? Season 4 of True Blood (8 p.m. CT Sundays) is quickly drawing to a close and it appears that Jessica has already moved on. But don't count Hoyt out just yet. "Alan Ball, our show's creator, says you can't be happy in love for more than an episode for it to be good TV," Parrack says, "and I think he's right!"
You and Debra Ann Woll have had great chemistry onscreen. What's your secret?
"She has been my favorite person on the show to work with. We're both kind of dorks about acting. We love it. We get together on set and rehearse and talk about it. Some actors, I think, don't want to seem too excited about acting. Maybe it doesn't look cool. But she and I love it too much to hide our enthusiasm."

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