Monday, August 22, 2011

True Blood : Since when did Merlotte's become self- serve ??

I got thinking about this week's episode and wondered who is minding the store ?
One of the things that grounds the Sookie books in normalcy or reality is that Sookie is always worrying about money and trying to make ends meet and Sam like all small business owners has trouble ever taking time off even for family emergencies,  the True Blood writers DO NOT live in that world.

Lets go down the list of Merlotte's employees and where they are for the 2 nights and one day that the last episode covered.

Sam - owner just picks up and decides to go camping is gone one day and one night - he takes the first night off for a date with Luna )
Lafayette- Cook is inhabited by the ghost of Mavis and spends 2 night and one day helping her search for the skeleton baby
Terry - Cook is gone one day and one night trying to get back Baby Mikey from LaMavis (Lala/Mavis)
Arlene - Waitress is also gone one day and one night trying to get back Baby Mikey from LaMavis
Holly - Waitress is gone one day and two nights imprisoned in MoonGoddess Emporium by MarAntonia ( Marnie and Antonia )
Tommy - does work part of one day at Merlotte's and gone for sure one night pretending to be Sam and getting his ass kicked by Marcus.
Jessica - waitress she also does not work during the time span at Merlotte's and spends one night with Nan   and the second night with Jason.
Sookie - waitress she also does not work any of those nights or days at Merlotte's

So who's minding the store ???
Who's managing, cooking and waiting tables ????  Just wonderin' ?


RFlatstone said...

This sounds like something I would have thought of two seasons ago. Now, I've given up on trying to find rationale in the HBO plots. I mean, what's with this Bill/Sookie/Eric dealio - dream or not, that's not Sookie. So, yeah...?

Rita said...

I don't believe it is self-serve as in the shot with Marcus and Tommy i saw a
male maybe a server in the back ground.

Just said...

The most important thing to ask is this: WHO WAS THAT GUY waiting tables in last night's episode???

Beth said...

That's funny - I was saying the very same thing earlier today on one of the forums. I think I've seen random cooks and busboys in there before but who's waiting tables???