Monday, August 22, 2011

True Blood: We TOLD You Taylor Swift Was A Goth Icon

I hope you heard the great discussion Jef and I had last night about this episode - if not listen to podcast!

We told you that Taylor Swift was going to become a goth icon, but did you listen? Did you? No. No you said we were "crazy." That our logic was "sketchy." That we should take the "medication" that nice "doctor" prescribed us after we "went apeshit" over the Dungeons & Dragons movie.

Well, we were right and you were wrong because here comes Ms. Swift in all her gothy glory right on True Blood.

Truth be told, we love Taylor Swift. Our love is guileless and unashamed. When we were reluctantly flipping through Houston's sad FM dial searching for any melody to take the pain of traffic away, and Swift's "Mine" came on, we knew that we were just going to have to live with the fact that the little minx is completely pop-awesome. She is, and we will fight any one of you tooth and freakin' nail over the fact.

Admittedly, when we claimed that Swift would rise to become a spooky starlet, we were just having some fun with our editor at a young star's expense. However, since then we've watched her carefully, and every now and then she really does pull some awesomely dark and wonderful stuff.

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