Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Charlaine Harris warns her fans to NOT believe internet rumors....

Charlaine posted to her blog today and I found this really interesting.

This is EXACTLY why I had Charlaine's long time board moderator, MCDallas on as my first guest for my last Talk Blood Radio show . If you haven't listened to the podcast do it now! 

I had noticed lots of especially Twitter umm..lets just say"untruths " or uninformed bits of information flying around and I hope we helped a little by getting out correct information in the podcast. 
Ask me if you have a question I'll help you find the right answer.

Charlaine writes .....

I'll be gone for two weeks, so please mind the babysitters – that is, the moderators – while I'm out of town. Turn off the lights when you leave the house, and lock the doors at night.
And don't take candy from strangers. That is, don't believe any of the crazy rumors you hear on other websites, without checking here to get the facts. I'm not saying this because of anything specific; but while I was touring I got an earful of stories from distressed readers who'd read statements on other websites about things I'd supposedly said. Just ask me. Sometimes, context is everything!

Listen here

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Rita said...

Enjoy the show but i don't get to listen
on Sunday nite as after T.B. i watch Falling Skies.

" Dallas " said...

Thats ok podcasts are fine ...