Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some goodies from the Sam Trammell chat ...

Q: “how do you feel about sam’s new love interest?”
A: Sam Trammell”Janina is an exceptional actress and fun and funny–so I love working with her–and I think Luna is good for Sam right now (she’s not leading him to be staked in the heart at least).”
Q: “What has been your favourite experience while filming True Blood?”
A: Sam Trammell”It’s been great to be in Louisiana filming, especially season 1 running naked in the woods near Doyline where a lot of my family is from.”
Q: “Your work has been out of the park this season. Sam as Tommy was so fun and last week – the look on your face when you had to go to the back of the van was too perfect. We’ve all been (kinda) in that spot of “what the hell am I going to do.” Thanks! “
A: “I loved playing Tommy this week–one of my very favorite episodes for the whole series.”
Q: ”How did you prepare for your transformation into Tommy? ”
A:”I of course spent a lot of time with him on set–that’s almost all I needed–though I did watch and re watch his season 3 performances.”

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