Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Improvement: Undead Edition includes new Sookie short story RELEASED TODAY!

  This new short story anthology includes a new Sookie short story “If I Had a Hammer” by Charlaine Harris.

This short story finds Sookie with Sam, helping Tara and JB do some home modification on their house to accommodate their new twins. In the knocking down of a closet door they find a bloody hammer and uncover an 70 year old mystery. As it turns out, a boy next door (back in the 30s) was bludgeoned to death with said hammer. Now there is an angry and sad spirit plaguing the house and causing all those gathered, including their new clairvoyant nurse Quiana to feel it. Now Tara, JB and their twins need the help of clairvoyant Quiana, telepath Sookie, and bloodhound Sam to eradicate the spirit from the house.

It was a nice little read at only about 27 pages.