Tuesday, August 2, 2011

South African Actress To Appear In New Season Of True Blood

The fourth season of True Blood kicks off in America on Sunday night, and it has a South African cast member! No, they haven’t written the tokoloshe into the plot (yet). But they have created a “French-speaking supernatural” who will be played by our very own homegirl, Nondumiso Tembe! And it is not just a once-off appearance. She has signed up to appear in several episodes of the vampire drama!
Tembe is the latest South African actress to make it in the US, following Terry Pheto, who recently landed a role in popular soapie The Bold and the Beautiful. This multi-talented lady also released her first album, Izwi Lami, recently.
I’m afraid no other information on her role has been spilled, but we do know that the new season will focus heavily on faeries. So until Sunday when we get to see what supernational shenanigans Nomdumiso gets up to, you’ll have to be content with the first eight minutes of the new season:


More about her here http://www.nondumisotembe.com/ 

You might want to follow her @nondumisotembe


Being Brazen said...

awesome! Look forward to seeing a fellow SA lady in one of my favourite shows

Urno Talbot said...

isnt she the ghost that little Mikey sees?

" Dallas " said...

yes see the article below about Mavis