Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's solve the mystery of the new spirit and now we know Mavis is her name

: The new spirit is the pretty woman we saw waving at Baby Mikey at Arlene & Terry fire scene.  I posted a photo of her earlier this week and asked who this spirit was.

The folks who commented ( thanks) also remembered seeing her in a video preview. I tracked it down and it was in the preview video shown by Alan Ball at TCA ( critics) panel.

In the video we see this same lady spirit appear to Lafayette in his house ...

Now who is she ??

Then we saw here outside in the yard of Arlene's burning house ...

 We also saw her in Ep 7 in the Merlottes kitchen singing to baby Mikey.

 **We know from casting calls this is Mavis played by the actress,Nondumiso Tembe and she is schedule to be in 4 more episodes this season.

The casting call describes Mavis as a sad-eyed girl dressed in a modest 1930s dress, African-American, age 20-30, and speaks with a Cajun accent. She will appear in flashbacks but it is not clear who’s flashbacks. This a recurring guest role and we can assume that she will be part of either Jesus or Lafayette’s history.

OK could she could be related to the "Great-Great-Great Grandma Mae" who was an ancestor of Lafayette Reynolds and a witch??

Here we see Great-Great-Great Grandma Mae with her daughter, Winnie. This is a scene we see in Season 3 during the Lafayette Jesus V Trip - check out video below.

During the times of slavery, Mae would mix mystic powders and herbs around her bed to ensure that she would never have to share a bed with her master. Jesus called Mae a conjurer, so she most likely practiced voodoo (also called Rootwork) an African-American folk magic tradition.


Dreamlacer said...

Lafayette's great-great-grandma? Was she shown in Lafayette and Jesus' V-trip last season?

Rita said...

I agree with this,she is his great great

" Dallas " said...

ok I'll post again

LittlePinkStone said...

Since Mavis was in her initial scene with Mikie...I have a thought. Alan Ball said in an interview that "a bad baby found a bad doll", is it possible they are powering each other? I think both the doll and the baby are bad...and I think it would be cooler if Lafayette was able to find out what was inside the baby and could "exercise" him. The reason I think this could be possible is there is a quick scene on one of the many previews where Jesus tells Lafayette "besides Marnie you are the only other person who can communicate with the dead". Or something to that effect...I am guessing (and really hoping) Lafayette is on his way to being a powerful bitch! Thoughts?

yoginisarahwelsh said...

If she was a young woman in the 1930's, is it even possible for her to be Laffy's great-great-great grandmother? I'm 29 and my great-grandmother would have been about that age in the 30's, and all the women in my family had babies pretty young.

" Dallas " said...

Well I would assume she is a descendent somewhere between Mae and Lafayette.