Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ausiello in a vampwich of Bill and Eric !

From Ausiello

New extended 'True Blood' trailer! Plus: Two spoilers and one awesome pic!
by Michael Ausiello
Categories: Ausiello TV, First Look, Scoop, True Blood

Your favorite TV scoopster hosted last night’s True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience and all he brought you back was…this awesome photo! Okay, that’s not all I brought you back. I also come bearing two major spoilers from exec producer Alan Ball (Sookie’s headed for a dark spell! Someone’s getting a new hairdo!), as well as a new extended season 3 trailer (embedded below) that’s sure to make the slow march to the June 13 premiere even more agonizing. Enjoy!


Sharon said...

He did such a good job last night, he deserves to be in a vampwich. I'm jealous!