Wednesday, June 2, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 will contain the most twisted sex scene in television history

Question: You were such a good host at last night’s True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience. I only wish it could’ve gone on longer! —@42_theanswer
That’s what she said. [Beat] The good news? The party continues in Ask Ausiello in the form of this bloody good spoiler: I have it on good authority that episode 3 contains one of the most, ahem, twisted sex scenes in television history. Scratch that. I’m fairly certain it will go down as the most, ahem, twisted sex scene in television history.

Question: The True Blood premiere is 10 days away — scoop me! —Jason
What if I told you that at least three major characters will be shot in the forehead early in the season? What if I also told you there was a catch? Hit the comments with your answers!


Rita said...

The sex scene can be any of the major
characters with True Blood any thing can
be twisted.

I feel that one of the three could be Eric
Tara,or Pam,why you ask because we see
Sookie with a gun and Eric is there,then
we see Tara a gun and wont let Laf. in,
then we see the magister with a gun in the
basement with Pam chained up that is my
guess but i could be wrong to.

svmaddict said...

BIG SPOILER ALERT -Don't read if you don't want to know:
I've seen the scene. Don't ask how.
It's Bill having sex with Lorena and then turning (ahem, twisting) her head "exorcist-style" while he continues to pound in her.

Gives new meaning to "angry sex".

Anonymous said...

SVM - I also saw it, liteally cringed and had to look away.

svmaddict said...

Redstar, that was some disturbed shit...
And I can't wait for this season!