Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#Ultimatetruebie event - Geeking out on True Blood

Jessica ( no not that Jessica) gives us a run down on the event in Raleigh last night- how about this for enthusiasm ?

I have finally lost touch with reality and I’m not sure if there is anything anyone can do. You see, I’ve fallen deeply and madly in love with True Blood and I don’t think there is any coming back from it.

I’ve never been a “super fan” of anything. I mean, I really loved Friends when it was on; I own all 10 seasons, several fan books, and took off from work to see the series finale. I always see the Harry Potter movies in the theater, although maybe not opening weekend, and I did get the seventh book the weekend it came out and read it in a day. But there are way bigger fans than that out there. And honestly, there are bigger fans of True Blood out there too. I haven’t changed my Twitter handle to @Lickmyfangs or go around telling people the reason I have a band-aid on my neck is because of the bite marks (there are people who do…)

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Sheri said...

I actually tried to convince the NYC event team to let me take the bottle.

Rita said...

It some times takes money to get a stand up and they are taken even before any thing is showed.Sorry.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for re-posting my account of my evening! You've got a fan in me!