Wednesday, June 2, 2010

True Blood Dallas contest : Name the next Sookie book added prizes ( including signed Charlaine Harris bookplate) #TrueBlood

**The suggestions are SOOO good ( I hope Charlaine is listening!) I'm adding more prizes!!! I'm going to add stuff from my #UltimateTruebie goodie bag from the event last night AND I'm adding a signed Charlaine Harris bookplate!

We know the title of the next Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris will have the word " dead "in it, based on the way "Dead in the Family" ended what do you think the title of the next books will be ?

You can enter by posting in the comments your best guess at the title. Winners will be chosen by a fangtastic panel of experts !

The winner receives the TruBlood Party Pack 1) 4 pack of Tru Blood, (1) poster, (2) cocktail menus, and (25) branded Tru Blood cocktail napkins. How fun will that be to have for your watching party ?

Just post your best idea and watch the blog on Thursday for winner announcements !


Jenni Lou said...

Well, I am thinking about the whole Victor storyline so...

Better Off Dead

verticallychallangedcutie said...

Going with the Sookie/Family storyline and the fact that Eric took off to deal with Appius's aftermath.

Dead Aftermath.

Kristin said...

The next book will be "Dead Letters." I'm guessing Ms. Sookie will be cleaning out that attic once and for all. Hopefully gran will have written down the scandelous details of her afFAEr.

Rita said...

Well Claude wanting to help Sookie clean
out the attic we are going to find ----

"Dead Letters"

The Mad Giggler said...

I'm so brain dead...I cannot remember if i posted my guess already..."Dead Ringer." Ringer has several meanings that could apply here.

Jenn said...

I'm thinking that with the series coming to a close some stuff is gonna start coming to light. So I'm going with
"Secrets Of The Dead"
And for book 12...
"All Dead Things Must Come To An End"

The Mad Giggler said...

Oh I thought of another obvious but good title: "Dead on Arrival."

The Mad Giggler said...

Ok, now I just keeping thinking about different cliches because Ms. Harris has used those for titles too. Here are some more that are either real cliches or slightly modified that could work...
"Time flies when you are dead"
"It ain't over till the fat lady is dead" (ok maybe not a great title, but it made me giggle when I thought of it)
"Love is Dead" (a bit ominous or hopeful depending on how you think about it)
"Back from the Dead"

Hope I have not posted too many, but I cannot stop thinking about it!

Lorynn said...

Dead and In Love
Dead Center
Dead but not Gone
Dead and Angry
It's okay to be Dead

I could think of tons, but I like Dead Center best...
I love the books, love the show and love that Dallas has a TrueBlood Blog! :)

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Instead of "Forever Young," I'm thinking "Forever Dead." Either way, I'm sure it will be great!

Glada said...

Victor is going to be a big problem. His 2 top henchmen that Sookie and Pam took care of will start the ball rolling.

"Upheavel Among the Dead"
"Dead Hostilities"

StoryVamp said...

I don't know if I'm eligible because I'm in Australia, but I'm thinking with the Victor problem, Sookie's family issues and her relationship with Eric still tentative, perhaps the book could be called:

Dead Revelations

linda said...

"Catching Up With the Dead"

To tie up all the loose ends with Fae family, dead family, Bill and Eric.