Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#UltimateTruebie Event - Dallas review and Video

The event was great, the theater was full and the fans seemed to love everything they saw.

There were lots of freebies including free soft drinks and a True Blood backpack goodie bag!

My favorite t shirt from last night " Forgive Bill"

True Blood Season 3 Ultimate Fan Experience trailer [HD]">True Blood Season 3 Ultimate Fan Experience trailer

part 1

part 2


Rita said...

Really enjoyed the Q&A they are really a
group of talanted actors and get along
quite well,not like some that want fuss
all the time.Alan Ball is so good,does
not seem stressed out just fun to be aro-
und.Can't wait.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed the Q&A, also. The new preview clip has some pretty awesome scenes. Less than 2 weeks now.

linda said...

Love the "Forgive Bill" t-shirt.

Great to see the happy cast together and the new clip. Bill crawling out of the dirt is giving me a hotflash.


Anonymous said...

I had a great time in Raleigh! It was great to get a free drink, fun to walk the red carpet (I hope they upload the photos soon!), loved seeing True Blood on the "big screen" and the bag of swag was AWESOME! Definitely worth going to bed at 3:30am for! My account of my experience is here: