Monday, August 23, 2010

True Blood Dream Casting – J.B. DuRone

Julie at TV Recappers Anonymous has some fun with future true Blood casting ideas..

For this reason, I predict that it won’t be too long, before a certain hunky personal trainer, named J.B. DuRone, graces our television sets on Sunday nights.   (Because, lets face it, Alan Ball LOVES his sexy men!)
For the uninitiated, J.B. DuRone is Bon Temps townie, born and raised in Louisianan.  He was friends with Sookie and Tara back in high school, and even took Sookie to her senior prom.

Now, J.B. works as a popular personal trainer at the local Bon Temps gym, and lives in one of those apartments behind Merlotte’s that Sam rents out.  J.B. has always been a loyal friend to Sookie, and even harbored a little crush on her for a short time.  (What guy didn’t in this series?)  Later in the books, he functioned as an unusually healthy and well-adjusted love interest for Perpetual Dater of Losers and Nutjobs, Tara . . .


Rita said...

Well while i like the idea of J.B.DuRone
i am not sure about the actors for the
part,i think he has to be better looking
than these,and i really like Josh Jackson
i watch Fringe.

Sheri said...

Taylor Kitsch. No body does pretty jock better.

jor ♥ said...

Jesse Metcalfe. He's gorgeous & has an amazing body. I picture J.B. looking like him when I read the books.