Monday, August 23, 2010

'True Blood' episode 10 recap: How lame! Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy NY Daily News

And so, in this series full of blood and guts and death and sex, a series that appeals to teenage guys in the way "Twilight" is said to speak to teenage girls, the secret at the heart of the entire plot is revealed to be:
"I'm a fairy?! How f---ing lame!"
So speaketh Sookie Stackhouse in the first two seconds of the episode, to which I say: can't blame you, girl. I thought the same thing when I Wikipedia'd you last year. That sound you hear is a million bros crying out in anger that the hero of their show is, quite literally, a magical pixie.
But manly Bill Compton is there to reassure her that 1.) she's only half-fairy, but is really mostly human, so it's not all that lame. Also, that fairies are 2.) highly secretive, supposedly extinct beings that were also apparently recreational rapists. Sookie's a bit freaked out about about that last bit, since she figures it must mean someone in her family was raped by a fairy.