Monday, August 23, 2010

'True Blood': The truth about Sookie Stackhouse

"True Blood" finally reveals the truth about Sookie's true nature.

Not 30 seconds into the episode, Bill explains to Sookie that she is part fairy, which doesn't sit too well with our decidedly non-fae seeming leading lady. The interesting part of Sookie's fairy lineage is that vampires have been the downfall of the fairy race, because fairy blood is irresistible to vamps. Eric then shows up and lets Bill know he is aware of Sookie's lineage and wants to know if Sookie's blood really lets you walk in the sunlight. It does? Huh. Bill explains that it only works for a few minutes, and he and Eric fight a bit about Sookie because That's What They Do. Sookie asserts to Eric that she doesn't want anything from him or have anything for him, but when Eric leaves, her face looks a bit conflicted. The dream she has later fueled by Eric's blood further enforces that she's not totally immune to his charms. She goes to Eric to understand why she shouldn't trust Bill, but Eric decides to just make out with her instead of telling. I'm surprisingly OK with that.

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