Monday, August 23, 2010

'True Blood': If everybody's supernatural, then nobody is - LA Times

Trueblood10_10  Usually, after a big, game-changing event like last week's Russell newscaster massacre, a TV show like "True Blood" will take a breather episode, figuring out a way to slow things for a week or two before heading in for another big episode. Part of the fun of the second season of "True Blood" was that it never slowed down, but that also meant that it ran out of story around Episode 10 and then dragged out the revelation of how the gang got rid of Mary Ann over the last two episodes, which were truly terrible. This season, the show has interspersed slower-moving episodes among all of the other ones, and the pacing is working better. But it still feels weird to go from an episode that ends on such a huge note and head into an episode where the big event is barely even mentioned.
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Rita said...

Love that we found out what Sookie is but
really we already knew what she is,so
now we can get on with the rest of the
story,and just because Lafayette has some
magical ancestors dose not mean that he
is any thing other than human.You can be a male witch and still be human.I knew
Russell would kill the hooker as he is
just crazy now.With Tara knowing that
Jason killing Eggs let us see her have it
out with Andy and i figure that will get
Bud back on the job.Feel for Sam,Hoyt
and Jessica just has to get back to