Monday, August 23, 2010

Vampire Tarot

Tarot cards have been a part of the occult almost since they were created. Originally, the Tarot were playing cards used for games in France and Italy, but even playing cards have been used for divinatory purposes almost since their creation. As the centuries have passed, and anything to do with magic and divination was demonized by the Church, Tarot cards have more and more been associated with darker powers. So it makes sense to create a vampire Tarot deck. What else has more allure and mystery?
There are actually several vampire Tarot decks in existence today. There is the Vampire of the Eternal Night deck, the Vampire Tarot by Natatlie Hertz, and this Vampire Tarot, by Robert M. Place. Place’s Vampire Tarot is my favorite vampire version. It recognizes the great storytellers of the vampire legend, such as John Polidori as the Knight of Garlic Flowers. The suits of the Minor Arcana have changed slightly in this deck. Swords have been replaced with knives, chalices with holy water, wands with stakes, and pentacles with garlic flowers.

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