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The HBO "It Boy"

The HBO "It Boy"

This Swedish actor has a whiff of arrogance, as if he thinks he's superior to the rest of us. Maybe he is.

Nov. 20, 2008 |
Alexander Skarsgård has a slightly superior air about him. Something in the way he squares his shoulders, in his unapologetic stare, in his swagger, feels at once inscrutable and slightly world-weary. The set of his jaw tells us that he finds mortals like us amusing, if somewhat pathetic.
In HBO's miniseries "Generation Kill," the 32-year-old Swedish actor brought a depth and thoughtfulness to Sgt. Brad Colbert that another actor might've missed. Colbert is a complicated mix of sensitive and brutish, intelligent and simplistic, and Skarsgård knew exactly how to capture these contradictions with intensity and restraint. Even obscured by his helmet, his eyes spoke volumes about his conflicted feelings regarding his company's mission. And he looked damn good in Marine garb. Maybe his hauteur comes from his credentials. The son of legendary character actor Stellan Skarsgård, Alex has been voted Sweden's sexiest man an ego-enhancing five times.
It's no wonder Alan Ball chose him to play the top vampire in HBO's "True Blood." Skarsgård's Eric is suave and delectable enough to make even a bloodthirsty ghoul go weak in the knees. His penetrating gaze tells us that he's better than we are, plain and simple. We shouldn't relish this irresistible whiff of disapproval, or find his arrogance so appealing -- but we do anyway, in spite of ourselves.

Come I'll buy you a blood

The food of choice for Bill Compton and other "mainstreaming" vamps is the new synthetic Japanese blood known as "Tru Blood"

Product placement

Some brands and business really should appreciate the free advertising in Sookieuniverse

Bill just loves Henley shits you can buy them at

Everyone in the Sookie books love to drive to Shreveport and shop at Dillards

and Bill really loves his 2008 BMW 5351

The women in Bill Compton's life

We know about some of the women that Bill has be involved with. Here are the ones we know:

Caroline Holliday Compton, his human wife they lived together from 1858-1865.

You can look at his family tree here ( it's a HUUGGEE spoiler )
We find out about his human family on the last few pages of Book2 , Living Dead in Dallas.

This the photo of his human family ( Caroline and their children) we see in True Blood.

Lorena "his maker" 1865-@1938

She made him a vampire in 1868 according to the book and 1865 in True Blood.They lived together as a couple for about 80 years according to the books.

Sookie describes her in book 3, Club Dead "Her fangs were all out, and she was snarling at me over Bill's head. She was a blond, like me, but her eyes were brown and her build was smaller; she was a tiny woman. She had dried blood on her hands, and I knew it was Bill's."
Photo at right is the actress Mariana Klaveno as Lorena in True Blood. More info here

Vampire Diane @1939

In True Blood, Diane is a previous lover of Bill. He tells Sookie "they had sex once in the late 1930's , right after she was made vampire. Vampire Diane was played by Aunjanue Ellis in the series. Photo right.

Sookie Stackhouse 2008

Dead until Dark takes place in late Spring , early summer 2004 and Bill and Sookie are together as a couple until the first paragraph of book three, Club Dead which takes place Christmas week 2004,
In the series True Blood it takes place in 2008.

Selah Pumphrey January -October 2005 (book)

Then of course, there is the human woman, Selah Pumphrey that Bill dates 4 books after Sookie (books 5- 8), Selah Pumphrey is described as slim and brunette with shoulder length hair...

In Book 5, Dead as a Doornail 'Bill brought a date into Merlotte’s that night. I assumed this was payback for my kissing Sam, or maybe I was just being proud. This possible payback was in the form of a woman from Clarice. I’d seen her in the bar before every once in a while. She was a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair, and Danielle could hardly wait to tell me she was Selah Pumphrey, a real estate saleswoman who’d gotten the million-dollar sales award the year before.I hated her instantly, utterly, and passionately.'

The Starter Wife Ep 2 with Stephen Moyer

"Undiscovered" a full length movie starring Stephen Moyer

A group of aspiring entertainers try to establish careers for themselves in the city of Los Angeles

All I want for Christmas is my two front fangs...

True Blood Gift List

1. Sookie books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc

2. Sookie audio books from itunes, buy cds from bookstore etc

3. Vamp related items Cafe press

4. True Blood Shirts, Cups, Posters from the HBO Store

5. Posters from the Sookie books illustrator, Lisa Desimini

True Blood Ailments and Allergies

*Hep D -the only blood born pathogen to which Vampires are susceptible. This is a Hepatitis mutation which makes Vampires weak for a month or so.

*Garlic - an irritant to vampires.

*Lemons and Limes - fairies are allergic to lemons and limes.

* Silver - burns the skin of vampire and can be used to tie up and incapacitate vampires.

* Iron - can kill fairies

Sookie Stackhouse books and short stories

Below you will also find a basic chronological list for the books and Sookie short stories. You will also find a timeline, bibliography and my notes.
The timeline is according to Sookie's world for the 9 books and short stories, where Sookie appears. There are real life things like Hurricane Katrina that happen in the books so we do have specific dates to work around.

This is not the timeline for the True Blood TV series but I have done an episode timeline and you can find it here for Season One.

Books and Stories are to be read in this order if possible.

Books are numbered# / Short Stories are *( you can find short story anthology info below)

1. Dead Until Dark
2. Living Dead in Dallas
3. Club Dead
4. Dead to the World
* "Fairy Dust" from Powers of Detection
5. Dead as a Doornail
* "Dracula Night" from Many Bloody Returns
* "One Word Answer" from Bite
6. Definitely Dead
* "Lucky" from Unusual Suspects
7. All Together Dead
8. From Dead to Worse
* "Gift Wrap" from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe
9. Dead and Gone 
* "Bacon" from Strange Brew 
* "The Britlingens Go to Hell" from Must love Hellhounds 
* " Dahlia Underground"
* "Two Blondes”  from Death's Excellent Vacation
10. Dead in the Family

11. Dead Reckoning
* “If I Had a Hammer” from Home Improvement: Undead Edition
New Sookie  Novella - The Sookie Stackhouse Companion
* "Death by Dahlia" from Down these Strange Streets 

Book Actual Timeline ( the date in the books)
(this is the Sookieverse timeline for all 11books and short stories with Sookie)

1. Dead until Dark- between April 4th and June 21st 2004
2. Living Dead in Dallas - Early September 2004
3. Club Dead -December 1-13th 2004
4. Dead to the World -First weeks of January 2005
* "Fairy Dust" from Powers of Detection - Late January 2005
5. Dead as a Doornail - End of January 2005
* "Dracula Night" from Many Bloody Returns -February 8th 2005
* "One Word Answer" from Bite- late February 2005
6. Definitely Dead - March 21st - March 31st 2005
* "Lucky" from Unusual Suspects - late April early May 2005
7. All Together Dead- week of September 19th 21- 2005 (Shortly after Hurricane Katrina)
8. From Dead to Worse - very last weeks of October 2005
* "Gift Wrap" from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe -Christmas Day, December 25th 2005.
9. Dead and Gone - Takes place first 2 week of January 2006
10. Dead in the Family - 1st week of March 2006
* "Two Blondes" from Death's Excellent Vacation- February 2006
11. Dead Reckoning Late May 2006

Sookie short stories can be found in these anthologies

Sookie appears

Fairy Dust : Powers of Detection (contains short story, “Fairy Dust”) Ace 2004, ISBN 0-441-01197-7

One Word Answer : Bite (contains short story "One Word Answer") Jove 2005, ISBN 0-515-13970-X

Lucky: Unusual Suspects (contains short story, “Lucky”) Ace, December 2008, ISBN-10: 0441016375;

Dracula Night: Many Bloody Returns (contains short story, “Dracula Night”) Ace 2007, ISBN-10: 0441015220

Gift Wrap: Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (contains short story, “Gift Wrap”) Ace, October 7, 2008, ISBN-10: 0441016332;

Two Blondes Death's Excellent Adventure  (contains short story, “Two Blondes”) Ace, August 3, 2010, ISBN-10: 0441018688; ISBN-13: 978-0-441-01868-0 (H)

If I Had a Hammer : Home Improvement: Undead Edition (contains short story, “If I Had a Hammer”)Ace Hardcover; 1 edition August 2, 2011  ISBN-10: 0441020356

NewSookie  Novella - The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (Aug 2011)  Ace ISBN-10: 0441019714

Other Sookieverse stories ( no Sookie)

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (contains short story "Tacky") St. Martin's Griffin 2006, ISBN 0312343604

Night's Edge (contains the novella "Dancers in the Dark") Harlequin, Oct. 2004, ISBN 0373770103

Strange Brew ( contains the short story "Bacon") St Martin’s Griffin 7th July 2009 0312383363

Must Love Hellhounds ( contains the novella " The Britlingens Go to Hell ") Berkley Trade September 1, 2009 0425229599

Crimes by Moonlight (contains short story “Dahlia Underground" ) Prime Crime, April 6 2010, ISBN-10: 0425235637

Down These Strange Streets (contains short story "Death by Dahlia") Penguin, October, 2011, ISBN-13: 978-0-441-02074-4

buy them all here :

Publication dates for books and stories

1. Dead Until Dark (2001)
2. Living Dead in Dallas (March 2002)
3. Club Dead (May 2003)
4. Dead to the World (May 2004)
- "Fairy Dust" in Powers of Detection (October 2004)
- Dancers in the Dark (novella) in Night's Edge (Harlequin Enterprises) (October 2004) (a Sookie-universe story without the character of Sookie Stackhouse)
- "One Word Answer" in Bite (2005)
5. Dead as a Doornail (May 2005)
6. Definitely Dead (May 2006)
- "Tacky" in My Big, Fat Supernatural Wedding (2006) (a Sookie-universe story without the character of Sookie Stackhouse)
7. All Together Dead (May 2007)
- "Dracula Night" in Many Bloody Returns (September 2007)
8. From Dead to Worse (May 2008)
- "Gift Wrap" in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (October 2008)
- "Lucky" in Unusual Suspects ( December 2008)
9. Dead and Gone (May 2009)
- "Bacon" in Strange Brew ( July 2009)
- "The Britlingens Go to Hell" in Must Love Hellhounds ( Sept 2009)
Touch of Dead - short story collection ( Oct 2009)
- "Dahlia Underground" Crimes by Moonlight  (April 2010)
10. Dead in the family (May 2010)
-" Two Blondes" Death's Excellent Adventure ( Aug 2010)

11. Dead Reckoning  (May 2011)
"If I Had a Hammer"  Home Improvement: Undead Edition  Aug 2011
The Sookie Stackhouse Companion (Aug 2011)
- "Death by Dahlia" Down these Strange Streets ( Oct 2011)

Book Time Line Notes

1. Dead until Dark- between April 4th and June 21st 2004
Spring is mentioned and Gran says they are on Daylight savings time. The first day of daylight saving time was April 4 that year and the first day of summer was 22nd of June.

2. Living Dead in Dallas - September 2004
Sookie says it's almost fall pg 5 and it's was unbearably hot in Dallas --sounds like early September in TX.

3. Club Dead -December 1-13th 2004
We know the book opens on that night in December and then there are a certain number of days that Bill is missing. When Alcide shops for Christmas presents, it is 2 Saturdays (2 weeks) until Christmas.

4. Dead to the World -First weeks of January 2005
Sookie finds Eric on New Year's Day and he's at her house a couple of weeks.

* "Fairy Dust" from Powers of Detection - Late January 2005
Spring night, we know she meets Claude before Dead as a Doornail

5. Dead as a Doornail - End of January 2005
Book opens on January 25th , the first full moon because Jason turns for the first time. Sookie says it's the end of January on pg 3, 5 and 51. Eric says to Sookie 4 pages from the end of the book that he needs to hire her in early March.

* "Dracula Night" from Many Bloody Returns -February 8th 2005
Dracula Night is February 8th and the Fangtasia invitation Sookie receives has that date for the party. I don't know why according to the CH bibliography the story is listed in October.

* "One Word Answer" from Bite- Late February 2005
Trimming bushes with Bubba at night, it's 62 degrees at night and it's been 4 weeks since Hadley's murder ( Quinn did the hierarchical wedding in January)

6. Definitely Dead - March 21st - March 31st 2005
It's been about 6 weeks since Hadley's murder. Spring begins on March 21st and Claudine says it's March.

* "Lucky" from Unusual Suspects - late April -early May 2005
Sookie says Amelia has been living with her for about a month

7. All Together Dead- week of September 19th 21- 2005 (Shortly after Hurricane Katrina)
Sookie says it's the 3rd week of September on pg 5.

8. From Dead to Worse - very last weeks of October 2005
Sookie says its October on page 32/ Portia's wedding was moved from the 2nd Saturday in April until late October because of Caroline's illness/ Sookie talks about Halloween.

* "Gift Wrap" from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe -Christmas Day, December 25th 2005
Preston comes to Sookie on Christmas Day.

Politics sneaks into the Sookieverse

Photo found hanging above the bar at Fangtasia

Arlene: Do you even know what’s between a woman’s legs, Lafayette?
Lafayette: I know every man, whether straight, gay, or George ma-fuckin’ Bush is terrified of the pussy.

Terry : I can't listen to politicians no more I get a seizure.

Lafayette : Too often we are governed by criminals and hypocrites .. I applaud the effort you are making against the poor and disenfranchised especially the vampire and the gays.