Saturday, May 16, 2009

True Blood Season 2 promo video: Sam and Jason Solo

Jason with voices

Sam with voices

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True Blood Season 2 promo posters : the guys

Hey HBO - now put the damn things on sale !

True Blood Season 2 promo posters: the ladies

True Blood Season 2 the ladies:

Sookie Stackhouse
Tara Thornton

True Blood New Poster of Eric : it hurts so good

it's about freakin' time

Bon Temps bumper stickers

Two natures are better than one.


FANGTASIA...Where Vampires Cum & Go As They Please

Keep Honking...I'm Sharpening My Fangs

True Blood Fan Art

Bill Compton by =hever on deviantART

True Blood Soundtrack : Sookie, Sookie

What a cute review by the Louisville Courier Journal for True Blood Soundtrack.

Get your iTunes account warmed up for Tuesday's release of "True Blood — Music From the HBO Original Series," a surprisingly great collection of songs from the jukebox at Merlotte's, the restaurant and bar where your local vampires like to hang out.

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising. "True Blood" is, after all, a completely awesome vampire soap opera of the highest (and trashiest) order. The new season starts June 14 with Bill in hot water, Sookie in heat and Sam shifting shapes.

The show's theme song, Jace Everett's "Bad Things," leads off an album filled with Louisiana songs and artists — the show is set in Bon Temps, La. — and features tracks from Lucinda Williams, Lee Dorsey, Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, John Doe, Slim Harpo, Cobra Verde and Louisville natives the Watson Twins.

Download it after the sun goes down.

A good day for unconventional television: 'Dollhouse' renewed

For you Whedonites

If you want to gripe about mean networks yanking terrific shows with low ratings, don't direct your griping at Fox.

Dollhouse_sc-48_9937 The network, in a surprise move, renewed "Dollhouse," the show that didn't get great overnight ratings but did very well when DVR use, iTunes and Internet viewing were added to the overall picture. For stories on the renewal, go here and here.

TV fans and critics have long beat up the networks for canceling low-rated shows without sufficiently taking other factors, such as audience passion, DVD sales and other revenue streams into account. It's becoming clear, as James Hibberd points out, that those other forms of viewership count more than ever.

Could the tyranny of the Nielsen overnight ratings be over? If a network like Fox, which is not known for its sentiment and softness, renews a show like "Dollhouse," the paradigm has surely shifted.

Fox didn't renew "Dollhouse" because the show's fans would have been sad about the Joss Whedon show's untimely death. Fox doesn't care about how viewers feel (you saw "Moment of Truth," right?). No, Fox renewed "Dollhouse" because it thinks it can make money off the project -- enough to keep the enterprise profitable.

Thirst: A Priest Becomes a Vampire

From Time Magazine reporting from Cannes Film Festival

If you're going to do a love story, make it a mad love story. Get down into the essentials: ecstasy, pain and all the bodily fluids, especially blood. Park Chan-wook, best known to DVD connoisseurs for his Vengeance trilogy, is a past master of emotional violence. He's the soul of South Korea's vigorous, not to say kinky, psychological action movies. And Thirst — with its irresistible one-line sales pitch: a priest becomes a vampire — is his richest, craziest, most mature work yet.

Father Sang-hyun (Korean superstar Song Kang-ho) is a Catholic priest who's both caring and modern. He intones the last rites over terminally ill patients at the local hospital, and in confession he gives one troubled nurse the penance of 20 Hail Marys, a walk in the sun and a recommendation to take antidepressants. He is also a serious flagellant, whipping his thighs in mortification to suppress sexual urges. (Park's Oldboy also boasted more than its share of self-mutilation.) He has a Christ-like desire to save the world through suffering, and that vocation leads him into a medical experiment with dire effects: everyone else who's undergone it has died. (See pictures of the Cannes 2009 Red Carpet.)

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Over and out by Alkaline Trio

Over and out by Alkaline Trio
Thanks, PiscesCurse