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Alexander Skarsgård Interview with Channel 4

The TV and movie industry is littered with actors who were tipped to be ‘the next big thing’ only to end up with non-speaking parts in the latest Jean-Claude Van Damme film. Predicting stardom is a precarious business but Alexander Skarsgård has as good a chance as any of making it big. Movie-star good looks? Check. Sensible career choices so far? Check. An engaging and intelligent personality? Check. Family pedigree in the business? Well, his dad is Hollywood star Stellan Skarsgård, so: Check. He’s also recently starred in two of the most critically acclaimed and successful TV series to come out of the US last year, True Blood (from the creator of Six Feet Under) and Generation Kill (from the creators of The Wire). Both series will be on Channel 4 this autumn.

It was almost all so different, though. As a child actor, Skarsgårdturned his back on the industry aged 13. It was only after a seven-year hiatus that he decided to give acting another go. It was, it would seem, a good decision. Just how good, the next few years will reveal.

You’re from an acting background, and obviously your dad [Stellan Skarsgård] is hugely successful. Did you grow up proud of his level of success, or did you just take what he did for granted?
He wasn’t that big a star when I grew up. The thing that brought him to Hollywood was Breaking the Waves, the Lars von Trier movie, which was in 1996. I was already 20 years old by that point. Growing up, my father was working at a theatre in Stockholm, so he was mostly a stage actor. He did movies as well, but smaller Swedish movies. I’ve got younger siblings, and it was different for them. They did more of the travelling around the world, being on sets and all of that exotic stuff. For me, it was running around backstage at the theatre, and I didn’t really think much about it.

On the subject of your siblings, a few of them have gone into acting as well, haven’t they?
Yeah. I’ve got a brother who’s two months old, and it’s kind of difficult to say what he’ll do! But I’m the oldest, I’ve got a brother who’s four years younger than I am, and he’s an actor back home in Sweden. And I have another brother who’s 18, who’s working doing movies in Sweden right now as well.

How old were you when you started acting?
Seven. I did my first movie when I was seven, and then I worked for about six years, doing movies and television in Sweden. But then I quit when I was 13, and didn’t work at all for seven years.

Why did you quit?
This was in 1989, and back then in good old Sweden, we only had two TV channels. I did a movie for television there, and whatever was on, people would watch, so the impact that had back then was huge. Suddenly people recognised me wherever I went, and it just made me very uncomfortable. It was a weird age to become famous. I didn’t know how to handle it, and I was very self-conscious and stressed out about the whole situation. I just wanted to be one of the guys, so I quit, basically. I didn’t have the urge to act for seven years.

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88 days in the top 100 on Amazon - just saying

You know this is NEXT week - have you ordered yours yet ?

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88 days in the top 100
A Touch
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New Book : The Vampire Book

If you are familiar with DK books (Uk publisher, Dorling Kindersley) you know how great their non fiction and travel books are and they have a new one, "The Vampire Book,"

from Amazon
Vampires have always fascinated and frightened, and now their reach goes beyond horror-flick fans. Teens the world over have fallen under the spell of these mysterious, blood-sucking, and oh-so-alluring beings! From Buffy to Twilight, vampire fans have gotten smarter and savvier, and this is the book for them.

Learn how vampires live, how they avoid capture, and why they're so darn attractive. Also trace the history of vampire lore--in literature, movies, and on television--from the woods of Transylvania to the modern-day high school.

Chock full of info and insight, each gorgeous page will draw in readers of every age, with innovative styling, never-before-seen imagery, and deliciously wicked design. Perhaps this enticing tome is best read while wearing a garlic necklace . . .

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I Put A Spell On You by She and Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)


I Put A Spell On You by She and Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alan Ball finds true blood six feet under

from Times UK Online
2 more years ????

It’s one of those too-good-to-be-true sunny days in Los Angeles, and Alan Ball is sitting in a dark, chilly office, talking about death. Not just death, actually, but grief: the unbearable pain; the torment of knowing that we’ll all end up as wormfood. It’s the kind of thing that passes for everyday conversation with Ball, as you might expect from the man responsible for creating hit television shows entitled Six Feet Under and True Blood, which starts on Channel 4 next week. “As much as we pretend we don’t get old, that we don’t die, it’s something we all have to face,” Ball says. “That’s why we have this instinct to rubber-neck at car wrecks. Death is the ultimate mystery." Ball knows of what he speaks. When he was 13, he was a passenger in a car driven by his older sister — it was her 22nd birthday — when she was killed in an accident. “She drove off the highway, there was a blind spot, and she pulled out,” he recalls, still flinching slightly. “The impact broke her neck. It was very bloody. At that impressionable age, Death came and stuck its ugly old face in mine, and said: ‘Hello, here I am.’ ” Ball escaped without a scrape.

It was that terrible event perhaps more than any other that shaped Ball, who ultimately went on to become a playwright, sit-com producer and Oscar-winning screenplay writer — he was responsible for the 1999 Kevin Spacey masterpiece American Beauty — and at the age of 52 has emerged as one of the most unusual and unsettling creative forces in American television.

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TV Squad Ten: My favorite HBO shows

TV Squad picks their favorites

HBO has slowly become my favorite network over the past few years. I don't know if it's because the mainstream networks have turned to lots of reality programming or what, but HBO just seems to get better and better. Just about every show on the premium channel is feature film quality (if not better), and I've got some favorites listed below.

I know I'm missing a few biggies, like Rome, Deadwood, Flight of the Conchords, and Extras, but it's only because I either haven't watched these shows or have only watched a few episodes -- not enough to make an informed opinion. I'm sure they'll make my Jane After Dark column at some point in the future. So I hope you'll tell me your favorites in the comments below.

1. True Blood. This vampire series is one of my favorite new shows of the past few years. Not only does it pack just about every emotion into every episode -- love, lust, joy, sadness, and terror, to name a few -- but the characters are fun and unpredictable. Alan Ball is a master at setting the bar high, and he continues to do that with True Blood. While I liked season one a little better than season two (didn't really go for the Maryann storyline), I can't wait to see what happens in season three. Read my interviews with Alan Ball and Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton.

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This Vampire Thing Has Gone Too Far

From Buzznet

Okay guys, I'll be the first to admit, vampires are awesome. I've been into the whole thing since long before a sparkling poster child for abusive relationships rekindled it by romantically telling his girlfriend how easily he could kill her. I love me some vampires.

But it needs to stop. Because it has officially gone too far. Particularly the marketing.

Okay, so, Vampire Wine has been around for awhile. I highly recommend it, particularly the merlot and Cab-Sauv. There's also Vampire Vodka and Vampire Energy drink...both of which I've been seeing around for years.

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‘True Blood’ actor returns home Trammell finds ‘true’ roots in West Virginia

On the HBO original series “True Blood,” Sam Trammell plays a shape-shifter, changing from man to animal and back again.

On Oct. 30, Trammell will be transforming back into a West Virginian.

“I really am thrilled to be coming back to Charleston,” he said. “I consider Charleston home. My mom and dad still live there. I really miss it, and I’m excited to see all my friends and family. It’s great to be coming home.”

But the main focus of Trammell’s Charleston visit will be supporting the work of East End Main Street, a program of the Charleston Area Alliance dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Charleston’s oldest and most diverse neighborhood.

Trammel will be the highlight of EEMS’s inaugural HallowEast fundraiser, participating in “Inside the Main Street Studio,” a sit-down, “Inside the Actors Studio”-style interview, at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at Kanawha Players, 309 Beauregard St.

David Wohl, dean of arts and humanities at West Virginia State University, will be asking the questions, and a Kanawha Players performance of “Dial M for Murder” will follow Trammell’s appearance.

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True Blood behind the scenes: Bon Temps Motel

This is where we see Tara living in Season 1 and where Andy is hold up during the MaryAnn take over of Bon Temps in Season 2.

We see the naked Sam show up at Andy's hotel room in Ep. 9, I guess we actually see 'Naked Sam' in both seasons at this motel ;-)

You can see how the motel appeared last weekend above left. You can briefly see the hotel sign in Season 2 Ep. 9 The motel is : La Crescenta Motel / 2413 Foothill Blvd La Crescenta, CA

View Larger Map

Thanks again Robi !

True Blood does the Rocky Horror Show

Bloodoracle over at IwantowriteForTrueBloodblog is having some fun with TB and Rocky Horror!

This blog post started when I woke up to Triple J this morning and Marike Hardy was telling listeners how, at the Chinese production of the musical Cats, a child did a poo in the theatre aisle and the performance had to be stopped. Wow, do they have harsh critics in China! Usually you just get hecklers.

Now this is pretty much my reaction to Cats as well. That's not to say I dislike musicals - there are some I love: Singing in the Rain, Les Miserables, The Singing Dectective, Cabaret (and lots of others).

A particular teenage obsession of mine was The Rocky Horror Show - both stage and cinema versions. When I was in the shower this morning (my best place for thinking) I had a vision/fantasy/delusion (call it what you will) of the characters in True Blood being cast in The Rocky Horror Show. Here are my suggestions.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Awakening by The Damning Well

Awakening by The Damning Well LYRICS

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Armchair Casting Director: 'True Blood' wolf hunt by Michael Ausiello

Who do you think ?

This oughta get the True Blood-thirsty among you salivating! Since Alan Ball has confirmed that season 3 will make an animal attraction of the werewolf Alcide (who debuted in the third Sookie novel, Club Dead), I thought I — and, in turn, you — should help the series’ busy, busy creator on his hunt for just the right actor to sink his teeth into the juicy part. My suggestions:

Henry Cavill: If The Tudorsother heartthrob can look that good in tights and frilly shirts, we can’t imagine he’d fare worse with back hair front and back. The question is, could he rock the role without an English accent?

Benjamin Bratt: The former Cleaner star may seem a little long in the tooth to strike up the necessary chemistry with Anna Paquin, whose Sookie he helps search for Bill. But remember, her currently-MIA almost-fiance is hundreds of years older!

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Charlaine writes about being at the Dallas Gun Show

Due to a set of strange circumstances, I was in a place I hardly expected to be on Saturday morning. I was at the Dallas Gun Show. I was surrounded by people I'd probably see together nowhere else, and I was seeing and smelling and hefting an amazing amount of death-dealing engineering.

I don't want to spark a gun-control debate, or a Second Amendment discussion. My interest, as always, was in the people behind the issues. Here are my observations: The huge hall was absolutely thronged with people and exhibitors, the crowd was probably 90% male, 90% Caucasian, and 50% (or more) over 40. There was also a heavy presence of law enforcement, and they weren't there to guard the exhibitors. They were there to buy.

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It's Your Turn to Chat With the Brilliant Minds Behind True Blood

from eonline

All right, that was a bit much, but we just can't hide our excitement. Those nice folks at the Paley Center in Los Angeles are giving True Blood fans the chance to get up close and personal with the geniuses behind TV's hottest vampire series.

No, real-life lovebirds Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer won't be there, but this is your chance to hear scoop on the upcoming third season from the writers themselves, including show runner extraordinaire Alan Ball.

And for being a loyal Watch With Kristin devotee, we're giving you the goods first. Tickets for True Blood: Inside the Writers Room will be available this Thursday, Oct. 1 at the Paley Center website.

Wouldn't you love to toss around some of your own storyline ideas with the powers that be, or even just ask one of many burning Q's—like why it took so long to kill off Maryann? Yeah, we thought so.

True Blood: Inside the Writers Room happens Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. See you there!

Hey HB, please bring back Dr Ludwig..

Lorrie writes "Could you please put this on you site, we are trying to get attention to Alan Ball and the writers to get Dr. Ludwig back on the show. And you can help by putting this out there also.Thanks "

* NOTE : We see Dr. Ludwig in bk 2, 5,6 and 9

True Blood Trivia: who does Ludwig treat in those instances ?

True Blood cast says "Thanks" to fans !

True Blood behind the scenes: Bon Temps Town Hall

OK you guys guessed most of them ..

This is the building used for Bon Temps Town Hall. Sheriff Dearborne and Andy Bellefluer office here and the jail is also located here.

It is really the Hawthorne, California Jail located 4440 W. 126th Street.

View Larger Map

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Alexander Skarsgård and director Tarik Saleh at Fantastic Fest

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis LYRICS

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True Blood California Filming Locations

The lovely Robiart and some friends are visiting some of the California True Blood filming locations and sending back photos on her iphone !

I'm just going to post them, and let you tell me what they are ....
I'll post the addresses after guys ID them ...

Thanks, Robi!!

Metropia at Austin's FantasticFest 2009 Alexander Skarsgard - Mob Scene

Alexander Skarsgard attended Fantastic Fest last night in Austin, Texas for the screening of his upcoming movie Metropia. Tarik Saleh, the director, will also be in attendance to help promote the movie.

For more information, see Fantasic Fest’s website.

More photos here

A vampire obsession

From Times UK Online

Soft flesh, sinking teeth, romance, possession — we're having a gothic moment with Twilight and True Blood

I remember walking through Soho with a friend about 10 years ago. It was late and we’d had a few drinks. Lumbering gloomily towards us were a couple — he in full-length leather coat and chalk-white make-up, she resplendent in dyed black hair, purple velvet bodice, net skirt and thigh-high boots. My friend muttered something disobliging about Camden Market. I said, slightly louder than I meant to, “Tragic goths”, and laughed so hard that I banged into a lamppost.

Shortly after this, I wrote a feature about people who genuinely believed themselves to be vampires, including a man who had had his teeth filed into fangs, along with his unscary posse, all of whom lived in a squat off the Caledonian Road. Again, I was overcome with laughter halfway through.

Of all the 1980s youth cults, goth has always struck me as the most comical. They were always so provincial: you never met a goth who came from, say, Shoreditch. They were always from places like Pontypridd or Mablethorpe, with their little cloaks and spider’s-web necklaces. And they took themselves so seriously: you wanted to tickle them and say, “Psst, you’re not really undead. Here, have a Wotsit.”

It is with some incredulity, then, that I am obliged to report that goths have had the last laugh. In 2009, we’re all vampire-obsessed. You can buy black nail polish at Superdrug. Dita Von Teese, Nicole Kidman and Madonna have helped popularise intense pallor, and starlets such as Rumer Willis and Kristen Stewart continue the tradition. Every luxe make-up and fashion brand around can sell you all you need to look freshly exhumed; meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is posting pictures of herself wearing fangs on Twitter.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Oh Death by New Lost City Ramblers

Oh Death by New Lost City Ramblers lyrics

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True Blood Season 2 Time Line Part 2

Sorry, Part 2 has taken a week ..but here are Days 6-8

I think we should illustrate the daily time-line by what Sookie is wearing during these scenes. We know Season 2 went by fast but even in the story all the events happened in just a few days .. You can see how the time-line went for the first 6 days. HERE

Day Six
Jason work out as a LODI Warrior of God
Tara and Eggs wake up at Sookie's
Sookie wakes up in Dallas and learns about Continental breakfasts
Lafayette returns to Merlotte's
MaryAnn and Carl move into Sookie's with Tara
Jason helps Luke
Evening Sookie Bill and Eric visit with Stan and Isabelle at Godric's nest
Jason sees Steve Newlin's arsenal
MaryAnn causes everyone to fight at Merlotte's
Sarah Newlin helps Jason take a relaxing bath
The plan is set to rescue Godric Bill and Eric have a few words and Eric tells Bill about his being "made" by Godric
Sam and Daphne "play "some pool
Sookie and Bill return to hotel and Sookie finds that Barry has quit
Tara comes home from work to find Mary Ann reading in Gran's clothing
Lorena appears in the hall outside Sookie and Bills room in the Carmilla (Ep 5 ends)
Eric is feeding in hotel bar when Lorena approaches
Isabelle and Hugo visit with Sookie and Bill Lorena has 20's flashback of life with Bill
Sam and Daphne still playing pool.

Day 7
Tara and Eggs are dispatched by MaryAnn for water heater part
The Newlin’s assign Luke and Jason to build the “Meet the Sun” platform at FotS
Sookie and Hugo meet to discuss plan for FotS visit
Tara and Eggs take a little detour on the way to get the part.
Andy questions Lafayette and turns into Eric
Hoyt demands that Maxine turn back on his cell phone
Sookie and Hugo arrive at FotS
Back to the Lorena and Bill 1920 blood bath
Eggs finds the clearing and has some memories emerge
Sookie and Hugo tour FotS
Sam and Daphne “enjoy each other’s company”
Pam visits Lafayette in the Merlotte’s cooler and tells him to resume selling V
Lorena wakes Bill and overpowers him
Hugo and Sookie are captured and taken to FotS basement
Eggs and Tara return to another orgy
Jessica wakes up and finds that Hoyt has driven from Bon Temps to Dallas to visit
Sarah Newlin and Jason “enjoy each other’s company” in church balcony
Daphne lures Sam into a trap by MaryAnn (Ep6 ends)
Andy wanders into the orgy and shoots his gun and Sam escapes
Sookie and Hugo are in basement
Bill and Lorena are NOT enjoying each other’s company also flashback to 1930s
Isabel and Eric visit FotS
Sarah Newlin tells Jason that they need to tell Steve about having sex
Eric returns to Hotel Carmilla fights with Stan

Day 8
Eggs and Tara wake up on couch Sam returns to Merlotte’s for a gun
Steve Newlin talks to Sookie and Hugo
Lorena and Bills still awake begin ‘the bleeds’
MaryAnn returns to Sookie’s house with dead rabbit
Newlin and Gabe capture Jason
Daphne and Sam talk at lake
Sookie finds out that Hugo is the traitor
Daphne tells Sam what MaryAnn is, Sam leaves
Hugo tells Sookie about his working for FotS
Gabe takes Jason off to kill him –Jason overpowers him and escapes
Tara and Arlene talk at Merlotte’s
Eggs meets Lafayette at Merlotte’s
Andy tries to tell everyone what’s been happening with the orgys.
Jessica awakes to roses and candles from Hoyt
Jason is captured and shot by Sarah Newlin
MaryAnn visits Daphne and Eggs kills her
Bill tries again to escape –flash back again to 30s
Barry visits to tell Bill that Sookie is in trouble
Eric overhears and goes to Fots
Gabe tries to rape Sookie and is stopped by Godric (Ep 7 ends)
Godric kills Gabe.
Eric arrives and Godric orders Eric to safely get Sookie out
Jason was shot by a paintball –he takes cart from Sarah
Eric and Sookie try to leave, Eric pretends to be human
Eric is taken captive by Steve Newlin
Lorena captures Barry and tastes him
Bill hits Lorena over the head with TV and escapes with Barry
Bill interrupts Hoyt and Jessica and tells them to leave now for Bon Temps
Lafayette is reading Tara’s Tarot cards
Jason gets infiltrates FotS
Sam, asleep in his car gets a call from Merlotte’s
He goes to find Daphne dead with heart missing
MaryAnn is cooking heart and making Hunter soufflé for Tara and Eggs
With Eric chained to altar Bill burst into the FotS church
Jason shoots Steve Newlin with paint ball
Stan and the Dallas vamps arrive at FotS and fighting begins
Sookie rescues Eric and the fighting is stopped by Godric
Sheriff Dearborn and Kenya arrive at Merlotte’s and question Sam
Tara and Eggs eat the MaryAnn soufflé
Back at the Dallas nest house everyone is greeting Godric
Eric tells Jason he knows that he is a V user and Jason promises to never use again
Bill and Sookie talk
Jessica and Hoyt arrive back in Bon Temps and find that Jessica has reverted back to being a virgin.
Bill and Eric talk and threaten each other
Isabel brings Hugo to Godric and Godric releases him
Bill and Sookie try to talk again and are interrupted by Jason wanting to talk to Bill outside
Sam is put in jail by the sheriff.
Jason apologizes to Bill and they hug
Eric tries to get Godric to feed
Tara and Eggs begin to hit each other and then have sex while MaryAnn watches
Lorena approaches Sookie at party and Sookie defends Bill
Lorena attacks Sookie and is stopped by Godric
Bill is told by Godric to escort Lorena out of of the house and she is to leave area
Luke enters the house and is wired with a bomb, he says to all gathered that he is a message from Steve Newlin
Luke detonates himself (Ep 8 ends)
The house explodes Bill runs in to find Eric shielding Sookie
He chases a FotS member who is shooting in arrows
Survivors examine wreckage of Dallas nest
Eric tells Sookie he is dying and she must suck out shrapnel
Bill find them and tells Sookie that it was a trick
Sookie and Bill at hotel talk and Bill tells her she will feel sexual attraction to Eric in future
Hoyt and Jessica plan to meet Maxine

Day 9

Sookies outfits
Gingham red dress
Blue flowered dress
white suit dress
pink tank top/ stripe pants pajamas

EyeCon convention adds Nelsan/Lafayette, Allan/Godric and Ashley/Daphne to Sam Trammell/Sam Merlotte

Our intrepid EyeCon reporter TES reports that..

I wanted to let you know that now Nelsan/Lafayette, Allan/Godric and Ashley/Daphne will be joining Sam Trammell for the EyeCon Orlando event in November. I'm so excited!

Nelsan Ellis who plays the awesome Lafayette has been confirmed for his first convention, he will be here all weekend!

Ashley Jones, the beautiful shapeshifter Daphne, has been confirmed to appear all weekend!

Allan Hyde who plays Eric's Vampire maker, Godric, has chosen EyeCon for his first ever convention appearance!

Sam Trammell who plays the shapeshifter Sam Merlotte has been confirmed to appear at EyeCon!

I Kissed a Vampire : A Rock Musical !

High School Musical alumni Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley star in Vampire musical web-series, debuting on iTunes October 13th, 2009

High School Musical alumni Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley, and newcomer Adrian Slade star in I Kissed A Vampire, the first ever Vampire musical web-series. I Kissed A Vampire is a musical look at the torment of falling in love when you’re in the middle of becoming a vampire. Dylan (Grabeel) is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, and he has to figure out how to balance his budding romance with Sara (Slade), the girl next door, and the bloodthirsty desires his magnetic vampire mentor Trey (Seeley) is constantly urging him to give in to.

*The first episode of I Kissed A Vampire will be available exclusively on the iTunes store on October 13th

*Become a fan of I Kissed A Vampire on Facebook

*Spread the word on Twitter, using our official hashtag: #IKAV

*Visit official website for the latest updates

*Coming soon: IKAV Music video, trailers, behind the scenes footage, Apple Store event, and more...

Dylan is crazy about his beautiful neighbor Sara, and she likes him, too. But a nasty bat bite on a camping trip has changed Dylan in ways he never expected…he sprouts fangs and the smell of O Positive suddenly drives him wild. It’s true — Dylan is becoming a vampire! Terrified, he sings about his fear of becoming a monster who must kill to survive. Dylan doesn’t know what to do or how to tell Sara, and hiding it is getting harder and harder, especially since when she’s around, all he can think about is biting her delectable neck. His evasions frustrate a confused Sara, and since this is a musical they’re both driven to sing about their feelings.

Sexy vampire Trey revels in being one of the living dead, complete with a harem of dancing vampire groupies. Trey can’t stand Dylan’s misery so he decides to show the budding vamp how to take a bite out of his new life with style. His seductive song urges Dylan to spread his wings and taste the delights of all kinds of girls, really “go for the throat”. Dylan refuses and panics when Trey gets too close to Sara, but he can’t stop the vamp from mesmerizing her into going to a hot vampire party. Desperate to keep the girl he loves safe, Dylan goes along — but can he save Sara’s life? Or at least find a way to kiss her without draining her dry?

Vampire to Obama "Just give us some blood, dude."

a little fun was had by Saturday Night Live about the TV shows that President Obama might want to go on to talk about health care reform ...he's visited by Andy Samberg playing a vamp from CW's " Vampire Diaries." His request of the President: "Just give us some blood, dude."

If Obama was on True Blood how do you think he'd be cast ?

Death's Excellent Vacation : New Sookie short story !

Our good friend the SciFi Guy comes up with the new cover art !

I worked really hard a few weeks back getting together everyone who said they were writing a story for the new anthology.

Here is what I learned...

Death's Excellent Vacation, an anthology crossing genres ( from the, fantasy, mystery and paranormal genres) with co-author Toni Kelner. Each story in the anthology revolves around death and a holiday, in the similar spirit of the author's earlier anthologies Many Bloody Returns (Vampires and birthdays) and this holiday season's Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (werewolves and Christmas). The anticipated publication date of the new anthology is spring, 2010. ( now 08/01/10 August, 2010)

What we know:

**Harris and Kelner turn in Death's Excellent Vacation Agent Joshua Bilmes reports that anthologists Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner turned in manuscript for Death's Excellent Vacation to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace.

**We also know it will feature a Cat and Bones short story by Jeaniene Frost. She says, "One For the Money, a Cat and Bones short story in the Death's Excellent Vacation anthology, comes out August 2010. "

** From Toni L.P. Kelner- We know it will contain a Pirate Dave strory. Toni writes "This past couple of weeks I've been working on a short story for Death's Excellent Vacation, the next anthology Charlaine and I are editing. The anthology is all about supernatural beings on vacation, kind of an urban fantasy beach book. And even before we decided to do this anthology, I'd had this character in mind to write a short story about: "Pirate Dave." read on

** There will be a Katie MacAlister short story entitled:'The Perils of Effrijim'.

** There will also be a shorty story by Chris Grabenstein who wrote "I'm excited to report that my short story 'The Demon in the Dunes' will be in Death's Excellent Vacation anthology"

** Sarah Smith will aslo have a story, her story about Superman and the Eight Immortals, "The Boys Go Fishing,"

** Jeff Abbott from his Facebooks says "no never wrote a horror novel but I will have a supernatural story out in an anthology Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner are doing next year called Death's Excellent Vacation.

Also coming from Charlaine "This week I’m working on a short story for the Mystery Writers of America anthology I’m editing. It’s a Dahlia Lynley-Chivers short story. I love writing Dahlia.

SciFIGUY has some links to the other authors

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Lacrymosa by Evanescence

Lacrymosa by Evanescence LYRICS
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Pop and Prejudice: How Modern Prejudice is depicted in our Pop Culture

From Psychology Today

Humans are fascinated by prejudice, and our interest in this topic can easily be seen in our films, television shows, books and plays. Some movies and TV shows attempt to address the issue of prejudice head-on (e.g., Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, American History X). For example, Star Trek broke racial barriers in 1968 when it became the first American TV show to feature an interracial kiss between fictional characters.

However, much of our modern pop culture depictions of prejudice seem to occur in more subtle ways and often these depictions of prejudice come with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. HBO's True Blood, for instance, imagines a world where vampires have "come out of the coffin" and depicts an "interracial" romance between Sookie Stackhouse and the Vampire Bill Compton. The writers of the show smartly use the anti-vampire prejudice as a stand in for the racism and homophobia that currently exists in our society (note that the sign "God Hates Fangs" during the opening credits of the show is just one letter off from a common homophobic slur). This allows the writers to more deeply explore the themes of prejudice without blatantly challenging the audiences' beliefs and making them feel uncomfortable.

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Better red than dead

From The Australian

Screen vampires never die, they just get more depraved or turn vegetarian

SILVER bullets, crucifixes, wooden stakes through the heart: screen vampires have faced an abundance of killers through the decades and mostly have emerged undead, ready to terrorise for another century or two. But how are they faring against the greatest vampire-killer of them all? I speak, of course, of Twilight, the behemoth book and film franchise turning these embodiments of evil into house-trained lap vamps who vant to meet your parents before escorting you on a fang-free date.

New Moon, the sequel to last year's paranormal romance Twilight, will be released in Australia in November, bringing with it a bloody war between those who can't get enough of pallid dream boy Robert Pattinson, and those who think he's a wooden stake in the vampire genre.

Fortunately the ambulatory dead are notoriously difficult to keep down and cinema's most sanitised vampire story arrives at the same time as television's most twisted. True Blood, the second season of which has become US pay-TV channel HBO's highest rating show of the year and has just started airing in Australia on Showcase, is Twilight's dark doppelganger, taking Dracula's polymorphously perverse progeny into realms outrageously depraved even for the undead.

So who will emerge victorious: Twilight's Edward Cullen, a vegetarian vamp who won't go beyond first base before interspecies marriage; or True Blood's steamy Bill Compton, a 170-something hellhound who's polite enough to recommend iron tablets but who will suck victims senseless during sex?
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'True Blood' season two finale: Fans and Charlaine Harris talk about it

From Lehigh Valley Entertainment By Melanie Henry

Tonight is the night I and millions of fans have been waiting for -- the season two finale of "True Blood."

I thought season one was innovative and brilliant. As for season two -- beyond my expectations, with the small exception of Maryann. She really has been a focal point of this season, but I'm hoping tonight she will get her comeuppance, and the writers will get rid of her once and for all.

I had a chance to speak with Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (the books upon which the HBO series "True Blood" is based), and the fans of "True Blood," and they had much to say about the hit show.

For the complete interview with Charlaine Harris continue reading below:

Q. How did you come up with the idea for the Sookie Stackhouse novels?
A. My other books had done well, but I wanted to broaden my readership base, I wanted to appeal to a broader audience. I decided to write about a young woman who was dating a vampire, rather than just writing about vampires. Obviously I am using vampires as a metaphor for other things, that's what makes the books more interesting for me. It give the books more depth, though writing about vampires is fun!

Q. What do you think about the HBO series "True Blood"?
A. I love the series! I am very fond of Alan (Ball), he is a genius at casting. I've really enjoyed watching the series.

Q. What was it like meeting the cast members of the show, that play the characters you have created?
A. I had met them all (the cast) previously. Filming the finale was kind of like a reunion. When I first met them I was very nervous because I didn't know too many actors. We got along great ... we are all people that have the same goals.

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My Review of "Club Dead" by Shawn

Sookie: “Okay, I’d hoped to avoid this, but ... Bill, I rescind your invitation into my house. Eric, I rescind your invitation into my house.”

If you think that quote is dramatic enough, it should give you a very good description for how the third book plays out. Sookie and Bill may be ship-worthy on the series, True Blood but the books have been more conflicting with me.

There are a lot of problems with Sookie and Bill as a couple on screen but I think the biggest one has to be Bill’s possessiveness. It’s never going to be an endearing trait and territorial as he is, this book actually doesn’t feature him a lot in. Though that’s more than compensated with the fact that he’s virtually mentioned every second page.

We’re at the stage that in Sookie and Bill’s relationship, things have gotten progressively sour between them. Bill’s attempts of cataloguing a vampire directory for the Queen Of Louisiana and his attempts of keeping this from Eric, Pam and Chow had Sookie threatened by them.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: True Blood's Anna Paquin Shows Off Her Ring; Boyfriend Stephen Moyer Reveals Engagement Details caught up with True Blood’s true loves, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, on the red carpet at the Good Dog Animal Rescue charity event in Hollywood. Paquin shyly showed us her diamond engagement ring and Moyer, who recently revealed he helped picked the ring himself, told us how he came up with the perfect design. Watch the video for more, including Stephen’s favorite thing about Anna, only on

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Stephen and Anna and more dogs

more with the dogs..

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: Dog Lovers

Showing their love for the canine population, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were spotted at A Night of Emotion, held at LA Dogworks last night (September 23).

The “True Blood” costars looked to be in good spirits as they mingled with fellow celebrities and posed for the paparazzi.

As for balancing their working relationship with their real-life romance, Moyer told press, “We are very relaxed together on set, off set and that can only help with some of the things that we get asked to do.”

Stephen also revealed that he and Paquin were an item long before everyone found out about them. “We were very, very caged. We kept tabs on our own relationship, let alone telling anybody because we were very concerned about how it would play out given that anybody who signed up to do one of these series signs for seven years. So, you don’t take a decision like that lightly.”

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Bleeding heart by David Vendetta

Bleeding heart by David Vendetta LYRICS

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Explore HBO Imagine: It's an HBO brand experience

I have no idea what the hell this is - but it's cool.

There are many sides to every story - see them all. HBO invites you to participate in a multi-dimensional storytelling experience that defies expectations and proves that a change in perspective changes everything. Will you uncover the truth and see the bigger picture?

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Stephen Moyer's 'True Blood' Spoiler!

Sexy Stephen Moyer let slip to "Extra" that there will be more creatures than just vamps, shape-shifters and Maenids on the next season of "True Blood."

"The only word that I know about is werewolves," Stephen coyly told "Extra." "I know nothing, but Alan has already admitted there will be werewolves. There are in book three of the series."

Moyer also dished on his engagement to co-star Anna Paquin -- and how she hates surprises. "I try to surprise her all the time and she loathes it," Stephen said, adding that his proposal shocked the actress. "She opened it up, she looked at it, and she looked at me. I said, 'It is what you think it is.' She said, 'Oh yeah what do I think it is?' And the rest is private."

BookChick Recommends “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs”

And now may we present: the humorous vampire chick-lit subgenre? That’s what you’ll find in Molly Harper’s "Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs." And I say move over Charlaine Harris ’cause Molly Harper’s nipping at your heels.

I want to start out by saying I am not a vampire fiction groupie. I read what I love and usually love what I read. And, let’s be honest, the genre has become saturated with watered-down versions, blatant knock offs & snooze fests galore. Sadly, too many authors are chasing the elusive dream of recreating something that has garnered success for others instead of listening to their muse & creating their own literary blockbuster. That said, “Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs” is a standout!....

I will leave you with this thought: If Sookie Stackhouse had a cousin, it’d definitely be saucy Jane Jameson.

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Moyers , Trammel and Forbes talk True Blood at Emmys

True Blood Wedding Going to the Dogs

Sure, vampires and weredogs have never gotten along in Bon Temps, La., the fictional setting of HBO's hit series True Blood, but when Stephen Moyer marries Anna Paquin, those of the furry kind will be well-represented in the wedding party.

"Splash, my alpha, will be the ringbearer," Moyer said at the L.A. Dogworks and Good Dog Animal Rescue fund raiser on Wednesday. "My son [Billy, born in 2000] might be unhappy about that."

But Splash, a 10-year-old border collie Moyer calls "a grumpy little sod," won't have to worry about getting fitted for a tux quite yet. Moyer, 39, and Paquin, 27 – who spent nearly the entire event holding hands – haven't set a date yet.

"We haven’t planned anything," Moyer said. "People say, 'You are engaged to be married,' and I’m like, 'Really? I thought we were just engaged.' "

At least there's an engagement ring. Moyer's friend Cathy Waterman, a California jewelry designer popular among celebrities, created Paquin's ring, which includes what Moyer described as a dark-colored "rustic diamond."

For now, Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton, and Paquin, who plays Bill's telepathic girlfriend Sookie Stackhouse, would rather think about Halloween details than wedding details.

"Funny enough, a friend of ours wants to go as me. He’s about that big [waist high]," he said. "And we were talking about taking my daughter [Lila, born in 2002] as Sookie, but then we thought that would be really bad. Ha.",,20307819,00.html

"True Blood" delivers solid second season

Season 2 review from a student at Texas A&M East Texas

Excessive violence, drug use and sexual themes riddled the second season of True Blood and every second of it was amazing.

The second season came with multiple storylines built around the minor characters. The main story still focused on vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) and his telepathic girl friend Sookie (Anna Paquin). This was definitely not a bad thing though. I started watching the second season with the hope Sookie and Bill's romance would be the primary focus of the show and was not disappointed.

The series follows the journey of the two oddly coupled lovers as they journey to Dallas to aid in the search for a missing vampire. While the two main protagonists are running around Texas, their hometown of Bon Temps, LA is being ravaged by a priestess to the Greek god of wine and debauchery, Dionysus.

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Love bites: Stephen Moyer, star of True Blood

From Telegraph UK

Stephen Moyer is the latest British actor to become a sex symbol in America,playing a 173-year-old vampire in True Blood, the year’s most talked-about new drama series.

Those with a taste for quality US drama may already have been feasting on the strange pleasures of True Blood, the new series from the Oscar-winning writer of American Beauty and Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. It has been showing here on the FX channel and is soon to arrive on Channel 4. In the States it is HBO’s most watched show since The Sopranos, and audiences are growing, recently topping five million viewers. For the British actor Stephen Moyer, who plays its romantic hero, Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire, the series has turned him into a star and, at 39, a late-blooming sex symbol.

Moyer’s vampire is a tragic hero in the Heathcliff mould. The first time he appears on screen he is ordering a bottle of synthetic blood (O-neg, his favourite flavour) in a Louisiana bar. Dark-haired and deathly pale, he exudes a stillness and controlled intensity. His eyes lock with those of waitress Sookie (Anna Paquin), who informs him that they did have some, but no one ordered it, so it went off. 'You’re our first… vampire,’ she says

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6 word stories: let's write about Godric

We all love 6 word stories guys post your 6 word stories about Godric in comments !