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'Let me have another': What Bon Temp drinks

For the story taking place much of the time in a bar there really isn't that much drinking in the Sookie books. Oh yeah, pitchers of beer but this is what I came up with for mixed drinks.
Who drank them and when ...

Soookie says in From Dead to Worse " I didn’t know a single malt scotch from a hole in the ground, but Sam did, of course, and he gave me a shining clean glass with a very respectable shot of it. I serve liquor, but I seldom drink it. Most folks around here drink the real obvious stuff: beer, bourbon and Coke, gin and tonic, Jack Daniel’s."

What did I miss ?
Do we find out in the books what Jane Bodehouse drinks ?

Eggs Benedict Bk2

Bourbon and Coke
Sookie Bk 1 Merlotte's
Anny Bellefluer Bk 2
Catfish Hunter Bk 5
Kevin Bk4

Gin and Tonic

Sookie Bk 1 Fangtasia ( recipe)
Kenya Bk4

Champagne Cocktail

Sookie Bk 3

Scotch (single malt Scotch)
Copley Carmichael Bk8
Father Lintrell Bk6

Rum and Coke

Selah Pumphries Bk 8
Jasper Voss Bk8

Jason Stackhouse Bk2
Liz Barrett Bk2
Whiskey Sour
Sid Matt Lancaster Bk1

Screwdriver Sookie Bk2

Las Vegas True Blood Cast Party invitation

Here is the very cool invitation ..

2010 True Blood Wall Calendar

True Blood Calendar 2010

You can pre -order from Barnes and Noble HERE

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pub. Date: July 15, 2009
ISBN-13: 978078931989024pp

The Year of Sookie and Charlaine Harris from Penguin books

Sookie Stackhouse Timeline

2009 is the Year of Sookie Stackhouse, the delightfully engaging heroine of Charlaine Harris's best-selling Ace urban fantasy series. Since the September 2008 debut of True Blood, the Alan Ball-produced HBO series based on the novels, readers have been voraciously consuming mass quantities of all things Sookie. And the hunger is only growing! Last month, the mass market of the eighth book in the series, From Dead To Worse, debuted at #1 on the New York Times list. Now May brings the eagerly awaited publication of the brand new Sookie hardcover, Dead And Gone! But there's much more to come —click here to view a timeline of the other exciting things (including personal appearances by the author) that will be occurring throughout the year.

Printable pdf here

True Blood premiers at Edinburgh film festival

New blood at Edinburgh film festival
TV series debut at event under 'Cinematic Television'

LONDON -- The Edinburgh International Film Festival will be sinking its teeth into vampires and Bengali cinema at this year's event, organizers said Wednesday.

The first two episodes of Alan Ball's vampire drama "True Blood" have been tabbed to kick off a new program titled "Cinematic Television," a strand designed to offer festivalgoers U.K. premieres of high-end TV dramas.

"Blood" will be joined by HBO stablemate "In Treatment," with the first five episodes of the Gabriel Byrne starrer set to unspool as part of the program.

A panel event will give audiences the chance to interact with the people behind the success of high-end TV shows that boast cinema-quality production values.

EIFF organizers also have planned a three-day Bengali cinema extravaganza, with a lineup of seven classic titles including Satyajit Ray's "Devi" and "Days and Nights in the Forest," Ritwik Ghatak's "A River Called Titas" and Anup Singh's "The Name of the River."

Cult late-night sidebars Night Moves and Under the Radar also return to the festival. Dario Argento's "Giallo" will screen as part of Night Moves, while Zach Clark's deadpan sex satire "Modern Love Is Automatic" finds its way to Under the Radar.

Additionally, organizers unveiled plans to convert a historic church hall in Edinburgh into a new venue, a plan backed by the British Council and Scottish government.

The festival's full lineup will be announced May 6. The festival runs June 17-28.

Stephen Moyer Works His Bod With the Wii and Gold's Gym

from geeksugar

With HBO's True Blood coming back to our screens this Summer, it's only appropriate that Stephen Moyer would want to stay in shape. And given his affinity for all things Wii (well, on the show anyway), of course he's taking advantage of the newest cardio fitness game to hit the market.

Called Gold's Gym Cardio Workout, this game promises to give us a sweat-inducing, fat-melting workout, and Stephen was spotted getting an up-close and personal look at the game during a Wii fitness event held earlier this week in Southern California.

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I just have to post this ....

Online live chat with Charlaine Harris May 5th, Dead and Gone release day

Charlaine said she is going to be on Berkley's writer chat for an hour on May 5th.

Here is the Berkley Jove Author forum link

Let me know if anyone hears a confirmed time and what exact forum.

Lafayette Reveals 'True Blood' Secrets

From New York Post

If Bill Compton is the "True Blood" character you'd most like to be bitten by and Jason Stackhouse is the one you'd most like to go drinking with, then the fabulously flamboyant Lafayette Reynolds is easily who you'd most like to be friends! Not only is he tapped in to everyone and everything but he isn't afraid to spill some secrets.

And that's exactly what Lafayette does on "True Blood's" upcoming Blu-ray DVD release (May 19). Starring in his own version of Pop Up Video, Lafayette appears periodically throughout the season's 12 episodes to offer up his take on what's going down with the most scandalicious Bon Temps residents. From Tara's crush on Jason to what really goes bump in the night, Lafayette doesn't hold back from getting dishy on his neighbors.

Starting May 4 -- and continuing throughout the month -- HBO On Demand is giving viewers a sneak peek of the DVD's special features as they can watch "True Blood's" entire first episode in "enhanced viewing" mode and PopWrap has your exclusive sneak peek at some of Lafayette's best bits!

Sookie Quizz: When does sookie come in contact with this ?

When does Sookie receive something with this image and from who ?

email me with your answer

Email: True Blood in Dallas

Blood Copy Volume 9: Undead action in Shreveport

We are revisiting the Blood Copy videos which were part of the HBO True Blood viral marketing campaign that helped introduce the True Blood television series in the summer of 2008. We will be doing a radio show on this topic soon.
Previously we have see the mysterious packages were being received, the gatekeeper awakened on a mysterious website, .... Blood Copy website HERE

The blog and videos not only were a marketing ploy but they also served as a prologue to the series ...
Here is the blog entry for that time period HERE ( August 3, 2008)
It's great to watch these videos but you also must read the blog entry for that week.

HBO’S True Blood Season 2 cast party at TABU Ultra Lounge

HBO’S TRUE BLOOD Season 2 cast will sink their fangs into TABU Ultra Lounge @ MGM Grand on May 2 for haunted seduction.

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Go ask Dallas: What's this I hear about a Sookie companion book ?

Hey Dallas I saw something on your blog about a Sookie companion book, what's the name and when will it be out?

Yes, over the last few months Charlaine has been talking about an upcoming Sookie companion book. This is NOT to be confused with the short story anthology, A Touch of Dead which will be out in October. As reported here "Harris sold a Sookie Stackhouse Companion to Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books. Harris will edit the volume and write a new Sookie novella for it."

Charlaine said on her blog in January 09 "My publisher is hoping to get the Sookie Companion book off the ground this year, though the publication date has yet to be finalized"

In a recent interview Charlaine said..“We’re just calling it the Sookie Companion as a working title, though that may be the ultimate name! It’s going to contain an original novella, a character list, a map, some recipes, synapses of all the books, and possibly some pieces from HBO. I’m very excited about it.”

No name and no final publication date have been announced yet.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: If I Fell sung by Lucy Carrigan [ Evan Rachel Wood ]

If I Fell sung by Lucy Carrigan [ Evan Rachel Wood ] from 'Across the Universe' ( but of course, this is the Beatles song ) LYRICS

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