Sunday, May 27, 2012

Only 2 weeks to go! What will be happening this season with True Blood Dallas ?

I'm very excited about the return of True Blood and hope Season 5 will be another blockbuster success !
Many of you have contacted me about whether I'd be bringing back Talk Blood Radio / Blogtalk Sunday night's following the TB episodes.

I so appreciate everyone's loyalty and generosity but I needed to raise about $700+ last summer (raffle, sponsorships, donations) and that just barely covered all the expenses including the raffle.
I'm just not sure I want all the work the show takes and all the fundraising needed to pay for the darn thing. So I think maybe it's time to stop doing Talk Blood. ;-(

Thanks so much to everyone for all they've done to make it fun to do and such a great live show and podcast.

Special thanks to all my guest hosts from the past 4 years ; The Twitter Sookie (Lisa) formerly known as @SookieBonTemps , Andy & Brian of Camp Blood, Mark Blankenship of The Critical Condition, Jefwithonef of the Houston Press and Meredith Warner of I always said the quality of the guests and the wonderful and funny insight they offered us each week really made the show. I just facilitated it ! Thanks also to all the live show callers, the amazing chat room and the wonderful advertisers !

I do plan on doing a little blogging during the season,  and I'll see all ya'll out on the Twitterverse.
Maybe for the 1st time in 5 years old Dallas will just put her feet up,  grab a cold one and just sit and enjoy the season right along with you.

Thanks so much