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Stephen Moyer uses “special” visualisation techniques to stop him getting too excited when he films love scenes

Well we've gone from "sock of destiny " to this

Stephen Moyer uses “special” visualisation techniques to stop him getting too excited when he films love scenes with his fiancée Anna

Paquin. The actor plays vampire Bill Compton in sexy US drama True Blood. Bill is romantically involved with Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed by Stephen’s real-life partner Anna. He admits getting steamy on set can be difficult, explaining he just imagines former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when he’s getting too hot under the collar

“We met on the show, nearly three years ago, and so everything that has happened to us as a couple has happened in front of the crew. We know them, it’s the same crew we’ve had all along. It’s one of those things where – we love the crew and there are times when you are doing a scene and it’s so technical you’re trying to work out camera angles, shadows, so you’re not thinking about things like that,” he explained. “But there are times when... the moment takes you. I have special things I think about to stop anything – mine is usually Margaret Thatcher naked playing table tennis. That works, trust me.”Stephen won the role of Bill when he had all but given up trying to break into the US market. His agent convinced him to read the script, and he was immediately hooked.The 40-year-old expects the series of run for years to come, and is thrilled to be a part of it. “Yeah, I did know it was going to be big. Absolutely from the word go,” he said on British programme This Morning. “There was no question, when I read it I just knew it had everything. Not just about vampires, about a lot of subversive stuff – there’s an undercurrent.”

So, Your Girlfriend Loves Bill Compton (part one)

The more I read books from the Sookie Stackhouse series, the more I wonder why guys generally don’t read these books. The books have a female narrator and are largely considered “silly chick books” only one tier above Danielle Steele. If I may, I’d like to tell all you guys why you should be reading these, highlighting, and making notes in the margins.

Modern vampire lit is mainly written by women, for women.

Who cares if the guy at Borders thinks you might secretly be gay? If you’re good at reading between lines, you’re going to learn a lot about the female psyche if you read these things. You want to know what we’re thinking? What we talk about with our girlfriends, but not you? Read the books we’re reading and start asking questions. Odds are, you’re going to gain knowledge much more valuable than the 7 bucks you spent on the book.

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Bookette UK does a nice rundown on Charlaine Harris event

Charlaine Harris Event Summary and Spider Winner!

I am pretty tired today. Yesterday I left the house at 7.00 a.m. I worked until 5.00 pm and then hubby collected me and we drove to the nearby tube, hopped on and then a while later disembarked at Leicester Square. We had a quick slice of pizza and then we went into the Prince Charles Cinema for the very exciting Evening with Charlaine Harris.

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Stephen Moyer on ITV “This Morning”

Casting Call for Claudine in True Blood Season 3 Episode 3.07

A new casting call is out for S03 E07 – “Hit the Floor”.

[CLAUDINE] 30s-40s. A beautiful, kind and loving figure who knows a lot about Sookie, she appears to Sookie in a golden vision. However, their utopia is abruptly dismantled when Claudine issues Sookie a mysterious warning. Possible recurring.

FYI : We should not see Claudine for the first time according to the books until the next book - we first meet Claudine in Bk 4 Dead to the World when she comes into Merlotte's with Tara. She is working part time with Tara at "Togs" Sometimes folks think we first see her waking Sookie up in the car but this is the first exchange:

"I'm Claudine," she said, with a beautiful smile. Her teeth were Hollywood white. Her skin had an odd
quality; it looked glossy and thin, reminding me of the skin of a plum; like if you bit her, sweet juice would gush out. "I'm here because of all the activity."
"Oh?" I said, taken aback.
"Sure. You have vampires, and Weres, and lots of other stuff all tangled up here in Bon Temps—to say nothing of several important and powerful crossroads. I was drawn to all the possibilities."
"Uh-huh," I said uncertainly. "So, do you plan on just observing all this, or what?"
"Oh, no. Just observing is not my way." She laughed. "You're quite the wild card, aren't you?"

We have seen the next book seeping into the season before in True Blood so this isn't too unusual.

This image is from the unaired True Blood Episode 1 - it used to be online but it's gone now.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Oops I Did It Again

Oops I Did It Again