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How to make your own homemade Tru:Blood drinks ( True Blood)

Are you planning a True Blood Season 2 party? Here is a great idea.

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Fangtasia Vampire Vodka Drink recipe

Vampire Vodka Drink -- powered by

Here is what you thought we'd find in Sookie's purse ?

So what do you think we'd find if we dumped out Sookie's purse onto a table in Merlotte's ?

These are the answers I received:

Library Card

Cell phone ( maybe the red one from Eric)

Pens ( waitress always needs pens)

Hairigame ( hair band )

Pink Lipstick

Squirt Gun


Hair Brush

Vitamin B12

Bottle of Tru Blood

XL Magnum condom (?)

Lemon Juice

Lip gloss

Eric's calendar photo

Loving True Blood in Dallas: Bon Temps License Plate Contest

Ok, you have True Blood on-demand and on DVD there is no reason why you can't tell me whose car these license plates these are ( see below)
I will post the first 3 today and the last 4 tomorrow at 5 pm.

Send me an email tomorrow night with you guesses, the FIRST 3 correct answer go into a drawing for an autographed Sookie book !

Email: True Blood in Dallas

Bon Temps Vanity License Plates

Sophie Ann LeClerq - VMPRQN
Amelia - WCHYWMN
Tanya - FXYBCH
Niall Brigant FAEMOUS

True Blood Fan Art

Eric Northman by ~xxpunkedprincessxx on deviantART

True Blood Recipes: Index

I hope this helps as a way to look through all the True Blood recipes

You can look through the index Here

Quinn in 'Dead and Gone'

I have very strong opinions about the Quinn's appearance in Dead and Gone ( and as you guys know I am not a "shipper" ( someone who wants a relationship) for any of the characters to have a permanent relationship with Sookie.

But I thought this was an interesting tidbit from Charlaine this week on her blog...


Quinn has his own set of problems and his own emotional scars. He's used to solving his problems with his fists, not with finesse. Though closely watched, he could have called Sookie, but he's not a man who's reliant on words only, and kept thinking he'd rather tell her face to face and then things would be all right. Charlaine Harris

True Blood : Blood Copy party the Freaks Come Out At Night

All of you SoHo-dwellers wondering what that red glow in the sky was last night, consider your mystery solved-it was the rooftop of Gawker Media, aglitter with partygoers, human and vampire, toasting the premiere of

Luminaries from the worlds of online and print media, advertising, film, and blood-sucking broke out their finest blazers and tossed back Bloody Mary oyster shots (humans) or TruBloody Marys (vampires). (I may have been over-served, because I can't find my messenger bag anywhere. I left it by the drink warmer and I fear that someone nicked it.)

Anyway, check out the photo gallery below. As you can see, there were a couple of strange characters there (what's with the staring girl?), so I'm not surprised there was some drama. Let's hope my missing bag was the worst of it…

Phtoto slide show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni event

Embrace your nerdiness

When you arrive, you’ll get a packet about your character’s identity. But be sure to bone up on Buffy facts and witty banter beforehand, so you can dominate the trivia smackdown: Winners will score Sunnydale-related prizes (along with the requisite admiration and envy), and one lucky alum will also be presented with the “Class Protector” award.

Party like it’s 1999
Expect to shake it to classic Britney Spears, the Spice Girls as well as the various Bronze-friendly artists who soundtracked various episodes (like Cibo Matto and Fatboy Slim). Character-based costumes and end-of-the-century attire aren’t required, but they’ll certainly come in handy during the Buffy-oke contest.

Remember the dearly departed
Event organizer Clinton McClung compiled an Oscars-style video that pays tribute to Sunnydalers who met their demise at the hands/jaws/pincers of the Hellmouth’s various demons and dangers. But don’t lob too many insults—you never know who might be ready to rise again and invite you to join their killer after-party.

WELCOME BACK TO THE HELLMOUTH!: The Sunnydale High School Class of 1999 Ten Year Reunion: Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main St at Water St, Dumbo, Brooklyn (718-222-8500, Wednesday 3 at 8pm, $10.

True Blood Music Video of the Day:The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars LYRICS

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