Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lettie Mae's loomed potholder quilt

I sure think this loomed squares ( are these the old fashioned pot holders we used to make as kids ??) quilt is cool..
You crafty geniuses tell us how this is made ....

Open Letter to Mr. Alan Ball

Mrs Jetplane has some suggestions for Alan Ball

Mr. Ball...Alan...may I call you Alan...

Well Alan, first and foremost I want to THANK YOU. I want thank you for bringing the wondrously amazing Mrs. Harris' books to life. Thank you for letting the world know about these great characters and bringing them into our homes on Sunday nights for 12 weeks (only 12 flipping weeks?). HBO I understand you like to bring on new programming...like constantly, but seriously only 12...Boo.

But I do have a bone to pick with you and your writing team. While obviously brilliant and creative you have taken TOO MUCH creative liberties with a book series that is too widely loved. You have made changes to the story lines in season 2 and 3 that make books in the series too improbable now. While some changes are good... i.e. Lafayette others have disastrous consequences...I'm talking about MARY ANN and FAE here (and Hot Shot/Calvin Norris). You have messed with characters and story lines so much that its beginning to make me dislike the show at certain times.

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True Blood: The Complete Third Season DVD and Blu-Ray available for Pre-Order


Baby Vamp Jessica’s Blog: signing off for a while

True Blood's big finale will burn your face off

and Meredith with her final for the season

Last night was the season finale of True Blood, so was it a spine-ripping good time? Sorta. There was a lot of good, and a lot of bad. But let's break it down Pro/Con style.
All in all, I left this episode feeling satisfied but not as excited for the next season as I should be. Maybe because the cliffhangers weren't anything we've really been invested in this season. Or perhaps it's because The King of Mississippi is seemingly off the show? Was it a bad True Blood episode? No, it wasn't. But it didn't feel like a season finale. Still, there was still plenty of charred vampire face to go around.
Con: And we're off! Eric and the King are helpless on the ground, exposed to the sun's rays. And then, out of nowhere, Baby Angel Vampire Godric shows up. Oh dear.

Con: Even the King seems to agree with me...

This whole angel vampire baby chanting nonsense phrases like "peace" over two slowly roasting vampires makes absolutely no sense.
Con: Meanwhile, Sookie is trapped in her blood-draining coma...with a chandelier. That must mean something or another. [Edit: Wait it's possibly a UFO? Oh cripes].
Pro: But there's no time, she's up and pissed. After getting basically bleeding close to an inch of her life, yet again on this series, Sooks is no longer taking this shit from these vampire idiots. And with one sharp slap to the face we've got season one Sookie back. Welcome back, Ms. "I don't take shit from anyone waitress." We missed you.
Con: Being the big go-getter that she is, Sookie goes outside, finger blasts the silver handcuffs, the King's face and drags Eric inside. Well, he's at least twice her size. Sookie being able to drag in Eric seems a bit ridiculous, but then again maybe she has super finger blast fairy strength as well. Plus it seems silly to point out all the "that's not possible" problems on a show about meth-head werepanthers. But moving on, Eric needs blood, human blood. And since they have ANY human blood at all in Fangtasia? Not even in the creepy former human prison in the basement, Sookie must be drained, yet again by Eric. I don't know about you guys, but just thinking about all the times Sookie get blood sucked in and out of her body makes me lightheaded.

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Go ask Dallas " How did Tara know what a shape shifter was ?"

Dear Dallas

In the breakfast scene in Sam's trailer when he tells her what he is ..how on earth did she know what one is ?
When Sam told Sookie who Dean was he had to do a lengthy explanation - how is it that Tara already knew ???

Man, ol Dallas is stumped ??
Anyone ????

s: episode_3.12 Evil is Going On, Season 3 music True Blood Season 3 finale " Evil is going on" : Let's look at necklaces ! Part 3

OK last 2 --the funky beads of Lafayette and the magnificent rocks on Queen Sophie Ann.

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 12

Mark gives us his final Sucker Punch of the season 

“I’m gonna be a minister’s wife!”
True, Lettie Mae’s assertion that she’s turned her life around by having an affair with her minister may not be the most important moment of this year’s season finale, “Evil Is Going On,” but for me, that declaration sums up a lot of what has made this season great.

For one thing, it’s a funny, tacky line, especially the way that Adina Porter delivers it, and True Blood would be nothing without its tacky humor and excellent acting.
But Lettie Mae’s pronouncement, made to Tara as they stand on Lettie Mae’s porch, also suggests a yawning chasm of desperation… of the pain brought about by misguided love. And if you’ve been reading Sucker Punch this year, then you know I’ve been following that very theme for weeks.
The Lettie Mae moment also captures the specific tenor of this episode. When she tells her daughter that she has found peace in the arms of a philandering man of God, you can see Tara’s heartbreak… and heartbreak ties everything together this week.
Because really, despite the murders and the screaming and the visions of demons, this is one of the saddest episodes of the year. It’s pretty gutsy to close the season on such a devastated note, but as I reflect on it, it makes sense. True Blood spent the last eleven episodes showing us all the ways that love can hurt people, and more to the point, it showed people doing crazy things because of that love. By ending the year in a (relatively) quiet place, the show gives itself the freedom to explore new emotional terrain in 2011. Instead of picking up at the same fevered point, it can take a breath and adjust its tone, if it chooses.

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Charlaine Harris - Giveaway Aurora Teagarden omnibus

Charlaine Harris, best known for her Sookie Stackhouse books (now TrueBlood) also wrote a series of cozy mysteries. The light, entertaining Aurora Teagarden murder mysteries have now been collected in a gorgeous hardback omnibus edition.
I loved these stories and already had them in paperback so I have one beautiful, unread, pristine copy of the omnibus up for grabs. It contains the first four books, Real Murders, A Bone to Pick, Three Bedrooms One Corpse and The Julius House.
All you have to do is comment and make sure I can contact you by email. It'll be a random draw. I will give you till 4pm (GMT) Tuesday 21st September to comment on this post. I'll select a winner through randomiser and it's open worldwide.

Subscribers flee HBO despite ‘True Blood’

This is troubling

HBO, despite the critical success and buzz surrounding its “True Blood” series, saw its subscriber base fall for the second quarter in a row in the three months ended June 30 — to its lowest level in four years, the latest industry statistics show.
LOST TOUCH: Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine Crane (Lara Pulver), seen here in “True Blood’s” final episode, didn’t restore the magic for HBO, which lost subscribers in the second consecutive quarter.HBO ended the second quarter with 28.55 million subscribers, down slightly from the 28.65 million in the first quarter and off 1.9 percent from its high of 29.11 million customers 15 months ago, according to the report from media measurement firm Kagan.
The news is all the more worrisome given that HBO’s programming is generally seen as strong.
Doug Hyun
LOST TOUCH: Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine Crane (Lara Pulver), seen here in “True Blood’s” final episode, didn’t restore the magic for HBO, which lost subscribers in the second consecutive quarter.
“True Blood” has been drawing big audiences and Martin Scorsese’s $20 million “Boardwalk Empire,” begins Sunday.
Meanwhile, CBS’s Showtime and Liberty’s Starz increased their subscribers over the same period. In fact, Showtime’s numbers have been on a steady rise to 18.2 million, while Starz has 17.3 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported HBO’s subscriber drop.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/business/hbo_bites_k7i2ghs14Ac9WkSkLCXTcL#ixzz0zVeiiyTM

The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack Season One release !

VD ( wait that doesnt sound very good ?) ain't True Blood but it and Being Human ( BBC America) are great off season fun!

The CW has just released the official track list for The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack, which features eighteen songs including Sky Ferreira’s “Obsession”. The soundtrack will be available in stores on October 12.
This album also includes are artist such as Placebo, Goldfrapp, Smashing Pumpkins and Gorillaz. If you love Vampire Diaries, you will most like love this selection of songs. It’s not exactly mainstream, but totally adequate to the TV show.
The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack Full Track List:

  1. Vampire Diaries Theme (Intro) – Mike Suby
  2. Sleep Alone – Bat For Lashes
  3. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
  4. Obsession -Sky Ferriera
  5. Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Mix) – Stateless
  6. On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) – Gorillaz
  7. We Radiate – Goldfrapp
  8. Hammock – Howls
  9. The Fellowship – Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Head Over Heels – Digital Daggers
  11. Down – Jason Walker
  12. Currency of Love – Silversun Pickups
  13. Beauty of the Dark – Mads Langer
  14. All You Wanted – Sounds Under Radio featuring Alison Sudal of A Fine Frenzy
  15. Vampire Diaries Theme (Outro) – Mike Suby

For What It’s Worth: Vampires have come a long way, baby

I have never read any vampire books, watched vampire television shows, or saw any vampire films other than an old, black and white “Dracula” movie I saw as a television rerun when I was a kid. However, based on all the current advertisements, it seems to me that vampirism is in.
Vampires are not new, of course. Such folklore and myths have been around as far back as the ancient Romans and Greeks. They are found in Indian, Chinese and African cultures as well. Though known by different names depending where the legend originated, they all seemed to have certain things in common: they were evil; they preyed on the living, drinking the blood essence of life; they were pathetically unattractive, and they were immortal.
Many superstitions originated in Eastern Europe and at times created such public frenzy that corpses were exhumed and stakes driven through the heart, and in some instances just to be sure, the corpse was additionally beheaded. These creatures that rose from their graves under cover of night were often suspected witches, those thought to be insane, and in some areas, bodies that were buried without their wounds having been boiled.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Behind Blue Eyes

LimpBizkit Behind Blue Eyes