Saturday, December 5, 2009

True Blood Season 2 promo from France

Go Ask Dallas: Why is Dead in the Family, Sookie Bk #10 Delayed?

No wait--- the book isn't delayed, we still expect it May 4th 2010 but I have had tons of people emailing me ask where the cover art is an WHERE in the HELL is the first chapter!

Everyone is right the cover art was released for Dead and Gone on Nov 25th 2008 and Chapter 1 was release on December 4th 2008.

Yes, it's December 5th today and no cover and no 1st chapter. So, what's the deal ?
As to the cover : Charlaine does have the cover, she has said so on here blog,

The cover is a beautiful blue.~ maybe Sapphire - like Eric's Eyes
The cover does have sparkly. I'll see about getting it up soon.
Charlaine Harris

As to the chapter: Well, it seams to be ready too --they are just teasing a little.

This was a question on blog: It's now December - can we expect chapter 1 of Dead in the Family???? (oh please, oh please, oh please!)

Here is the answer: In the past it's been posted as late as the 15th. Just be patient and keep an eye out.

I'm betting on next week before we get too close to Christmas !
So get ready for your first taste of Dead in the Family...

How's Bill doing with the silver poisoning ?
How's Sookie feeling and recuperating ?
What about the Blood Bond with Eric ?
Poor Claudine and Tray -what's the fall-out ? Please don't leave Amelia!
Does Eric tell her where he was in the first chapter ?
What next from Felipe de Castro ?

Just a few questions , what are yours ?

True Blood Soundtrack gets Grammy nod

True Blood has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the area of Film/TV/Visual Media as best Compilation Sountrack Album For Motion Picture, Television or Media.

Elektra Records and HBO have joined forces to put together a riveting collection of songs that connect TRUE BLOOD fans with the hit HBO series. The TRUE BLOOD soundtrack includes the show theme song 'Bad Things' by Jace Everett and features artists such as C.C Adcock, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Allen Toussaint, The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Watson Twins and more. The songs featured on the soundtrack were included in Season 1 of the series.

Buy the CD here :

Digging Up All the Old Vampire Jokes

“Transylmania,” a vampire-hunter, college road trip sex comedy, has a problem: someone has drained all the laughs out of it. It’s destined to spend a short and painful life in theaters and then join the ranks of the DVD and late-night-cable undead.

The directors David and Scott Hillenbrand, who were responsible for the National Lampoon “Dorm Daze” movies, and the screenwriters Patrick Casey and Joshua Miller (known as Worm Miller) have stuffed this cabbage with doltish and buxom students, sadistic dwarfs, severed heads, serial vomiting, sheep testicles, a priest with Tourette’s syndrome and horse flatulence. (That’s a “Young Frankenstein” homage: the horses let loose whenever someone says the name of the Transylvanian university where the action is set.) The Romanian vampires and the actors playing the American undergrads are both, in their own ways, long in the tooth.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Closer by Kings of Leon


Closer by Kings of Leon

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