Friday, May 29, 2009

John Billingsley "Coroner Mike Spencer" from HBO's "True Blood" at Wrath of Con

f you're a sci-fi fanatic then you're probably all ready for the "Wrath of Con" Sci-Fi Convention & Film Festival that starts Friday!

It's the conventions second year here in the panhandle.
Sci-fi enthusiasts get a chance to meet some of their favorite stars and find that special memorabilia they've been searching for.
Starting Friday, the convention will host actors, star-panels, and of course, parties!
According to, the follow guests are:

Kevin Sorbo - The legendary Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo, who also starred as Captain Dylan Hunt on Gene Roddenberry's Sci-Fi hit "Andromeda".

John Billingsley - "Dr. Phlox" from Star Trek: Enterprise, "Coroner Mike Spencer" from HBO's sexy vampire series "True Blood".

Bonnie Friedericy - "General Beckman" from NBC's hit series Chuck -- Wife and professional putter-upper of John B.

J.G. Hertzler - The Klingon "Chancellor Martok" from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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True Blood Back at Comic Con 2009


Stephen Moyer revealed to me this morning that TRUE BLOOD would be back at Comic Con this year. We were at the True Blood panel last year, and you can bet that we'll make sure to be there this year as well.

In addition, Stephen Moyer also told me to expect some great things for the new season of True Blood and I personally can't wait for the premiere on June 14.

This is of course part of a longer interview that Stephen Moyer gave us this morning. I will post the full interview within a few days. So stay tuned for more.

True Blood in New York City

Advertising for HBO's 'True Blood' Bends Truth a Bit

NEW YORK ( -- With its tales of vampires who walk among us, HBO's "True Blood" series certainly blurs the lines of what is real and what is fantastic. Now the Time Warner cable network's ad campaign for the series is trying to do the same.
True Blood

"True Blood" promos have received lots of attention over the last week, thanks in part to a bit of online brouhaha over the seeming addition of Bloodcopy, an adverblog HBO created last year to promote the show, to Gawker Media, the operator of such blogs as Gawker and Jezebel. What's more, the cable outlet has unveiled print ads that seem to promote real products and services from Geico, Gillette, BMW's Mini Cooper, Harley-Davidson, Ecko and Monster -- but act as if the audiences for these popular goods are vampires.

Next up, an advertorial in Conde Nast Publications' Vanity Fair that features famous people hobnobbing with vampires at buzzy events, and an eight-page take-off of AM New York, the free metro daily, that will be distributed to commuters.

HBO's idea is to play along "that fine line of fully disrupting someone's experience and at the same time immersing them in your experience," said Zach Enterlin, VP-advertising and promotions for HBO.

This marks HBO's second effort to generate attention for "True Blood," which portrays a world in which the development of a synthetic blood product in Japan has allowed vampires to "come out" of their coffins, as it were, with all kinds of cultural ramifications. Starting last May, HBO began sending mailers to vampire hobbyists and bloggers; set up the website, which featured discussions and a blog (and has now returned); distributed viral videos; and, most memorable of all, perhaps, delivered samples of a red beverage known as "Tru Blood," while distributing ads for the drink online and in alternative weeklies.

The ads may have helped create a community of fans for the program. While the first episode of "True Blood" snared about 1.44 million viewers in its first telecast, the audience built steadily during the show's first season, according to Nielsen. By the first run of the season finale, the audience had increased to more than 2.44 million. On average, the first season of "True Blood" attracted about 2.02 million live and same-day viewers for first-run episodes, according to Nielsen.
Advertising Age Embedded Player

Does HBO worry about consumers actually believing some of these promotions? Already, the alliance has generated some controversy online. "The goal isn't to really mislead at all," Mr. Enterlin said. "It's just igniting curiosity. I think the way the ads are done, there's a certain amount of known quantity with a wink. It inspires a double take. We're trying to make them as authentic as possible, but it's an absolute necessity that they have that element of 'wink.'"
Campaign Includes Faux Blog, Faux Cinema Ads and Faux Free Daily

The campaign contains many other elements, including evening weather reports on radio for vampires who might just be starting their day; a faux ad for movie theaters made to look like the ads for local businesses that normally appear before the show starts; and a faux weekly newsmagazine set to appear on HBO on Demand and HBO internet platforms that includes a segment called "The Vampire Report." That segment will cover "notable events that have occurred over the past week as vampires continue their integration into human society," according to HBO.

In a sign of the complexity these ideas require, HBO is working with six different creative and media-buying agencies. New York-based Campfire is the creative force behind the blog, as well as some viral videos that will be issued as part of the campaign. Another agency, Digital Kitchen, crafted the "vampire product" ad, while Ignition has been working on ads that drive viewers to tune in to the program. Another agency, Red Creative, worked on online ads to entice viewers to tune in. Omnicom Group's PHD placed the more traditional advertising, while Deep Focus did online media buying for certain parts of the campaign.

What do you think you'd find in Sookie's purse ?

Charlaine in an interview yesterday said that a good way for authors to get to know their characters is by looking in their purse , book shelf etc ..

So what do you think we'd find if we dumped out Sookie's purse onto a table in Merlotte's ?

I think we'd find a library card -what else ?

** the purse she carries in the first couple of books is describes as a red straw shoulder bag (???) This was the best I could do....

True Blood: The Vampire Report -The Perspective #2

True Blood BloodCopy Vampire terminology - You, Too, Can Speak Vampire

By Bloodcopy Staff

In the name of education, we'd like to provide you with some definitions of vampire terminology that we've been throwing around. Read and learn.

American Vampire League - An organization dedicated to securing equal rights for vampires

bloodheads - Humans who drink vampire blood as a drug

cubby - A vampire's secret sleeping chamber

Daytime Guy - Non-vampire hired by a vampire to perform tasks during daylight hours

fangbangers - Human vampire groupies

The Great Revelation - The night vampires broadcast themselves on television letting humanity know they existed

Hep D - Hepatitis D, the only known virus to affect a vampire's immune system

maker - A vampire that brings a human over, making them a vampire. The "made" vampire is then known as the maker's "child."

nest - A dwelling where a group of vampires live together

shape-shifters - Supernaturals who can change into any animal

TruBlood - Synthetic blood beverage

V - Vampire blood

Vlad - Vlad Dracul. Count Dracula. The Prince of Darkness.

There you have it. We'll keep updating this list as new terms are used on Bloodcopy. Meanwhile, do your homework so you can mix it up the next time you run into a mainstreamer at the deli. (Oops. mainstreamer - A vampire who lives among humans.)

Alexander Skarsgard (fans) angry that his name was misspelled and Lady Gaga Angry That Epic 'Paparazzi' Video Leaked

*just kidding ( maybe I should say AS fans are angry ) but they did misspell his name in the credits on the video **
From MTV

Cut to Gaga in bed with Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, best known in this country for playing Meekus in Ben Stiller's 2001 classic "Zoolander" and creepy vampire Eric Northman on HBO's "True Blood." Rolling around in bed, whispering sweet nothings in Swedish, surrounded by $100 bills with her face on them, Gaga makes out with Skarsgård for a bit, before he carries her out to the balcony for more action.

She quickly realizes he's set her up to be photographed by hidden paparazzi, and smashes his face with a champagne bottle. As she struggles to get away, he tosses her over the balcony, leaving her in a crumpled heap on the ground below as the paps snap pictures of her bloody body.

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** The director is Jonas Åkerlund (born November 16, 1966 in Bromma, Sweden) is a Swedish film director, best known for making music videos.

True Blood : There's no place like home, there's no place like home

'True Blood' HBO series moves to Louisiana beat

from the Louisiana Advocate

Let’s say you are music supervisor for an HBO series about redneck vampires in backwoods Louisiana. What’s the best place to find music for the show? The musically rich state of Louisiana, naturally.

During the first season of True Blood, the music of Baton Rouge swamp blues man Slim Harpo, New Orleans’ Dr. John, Lee Dorsey and Allen Toussaint and Lafayette’s C.C. Adcock accompanied the exploits of mind-reading waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her 173-year-old soul mate, vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

All of the above recording artists appear on the recently released True Blood soundtrack CD as well as non-Louisianians Ryan Adams, the Watson Twins, Little Big Town, John Doe and Jace Everett.

Adcock and his band, the Lafayette Marquis, wrote and recorded their CD selection, “Bleed 2 Feed,” specifically for the show.

“To be on the same record with Lee Dorsey, Allen Toussaint and Slim Harpo,” Adcock said, “not to mention Dr. John and Lucinda Williams, is very cool company indeed.”

Adcock and the Lafayette Marquis appear in episode 10 of the first season, I Don’t Wanna Know. Playing themselves, they perform five songs at Arlene and Rene’s engagement party at Merlottes, Sookie’s place of employment.

“Playing a redneck vampire isn’t a stretch for me,” Adcock said.

Alan Ball, True Blood creator and executive producer, discovered Adcock through iTunes. The intro scene for the series’ first episode, in fact, features Adcock’s song, “Y’all’d Think She’d Be Good 2 Me.”

“After we sought clearance for his song,” music supervisor Gary Calamar said from Los Angeles, “C.C. learned about the show and got excited about it. He also wanted to show Louisiana in the great light in which it should be seen.”

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True Blood Music Video Of the Day: Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs LYRICS

Thanks, Marilyninsomniac