Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lindsay Pulsipher is not a werepanther, but she plays one on True Blood!

On True Blood, Lindsay Pulsipher plays Crystal Norris, the troubled, inbred werepanther torn between her meth-dealing family and a tumultuous love affair with backwoods babe Jason Stackhouse. In real life, she’s a bubbly blonde artist who was raised by a Mormon family in Utah. Off the set, Pulsipher has had a heck of a time keeping the details on her character a secret from family and friends who are obsessed with the popular HBO series created by Alan Ball. Pulsipher, who will appear Saturday at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, recently talked to City Link about learning to move like a cat, working with Patrick Swayze and being surrounded by a set of fake blood.
What’s a typical day like on the True Blood set?
It’s one of the friendliest, most easygoing sets I’ve ever been on. The crew is so friendly and welcoming. Being a newcomer on the show, I couldn’t have felt more at home right away. That being said, it’s a very hard-working set, as well.
Your character on True Blood has such a heavy Southern accent. When your fans meet you, do they expect you to have that accent?
Yeah. I play a character who’s so different from who I am in regular life that people are kind of taken aback. When they first meet me, they’re like, “Are you Crystal? Wait, you are Crystal.” True Blood fans are so gracious and so cool. It’s been such an amazing experience just meeting all the fans.

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